This week’s Executive Feature puts the spotlight on Mr. Wilson Sy, Megaworld’s first vice president for sales and marketing for Manila area. Inside World talked to Mr. Sy about his journey with Megaworld—from the lessons he gained throughout the years, to how he fulfills his role in helping the company grow beyond its potential.

INSIDE WORLD: Can you share with Inside World readers a brief story about how your Megaworld journey started?
WILSON SY: For 36 years, I served Dr. Andrew L. Tan and his group of companies. I worked for two years at Systems Brokerage, 15 years at Consolidated Distillers of the Far East, Inc., five years at The Andresons Group, Inc., three years at Eastwood Properties, and 11 years at Megaworld Corporation. That’s more than half my life.

IW: What do you love most about being part of Megaworld? What were some of your fondest moments in the company?
WILSON SY: My fondest moments at Megaworld happen whenever I am able to contribute to the land banking gain of the company, and whenever I am able to greatly help the sales career growth of my team, as well as substantially contribute to the increasing sales of the company.

IW: How does your team subscribe to Megaworld’s core value of loving the company?
WILSON SY: I train the members of my team to not only deliver sales, but also go the extra mile for our clients. More happy and satisfied clients mean more sales for the company. Serving our clients well is a great way of showing love for the company. I make sure that I am able to become a role model for my team in practicing integrity in the performance of their profession, especially by upholding fair deals at all times.

IW: What are some of the lessons you’ve learned in your career at Megaworld?
WILSON SY: During my stay with Megaworld, I learned that hard work and excellence are recognized. I learned that promotion comes from the Lord. (Psalm 75:6-7) Twice, God promoted me from Sales and Marketing Head to Vice President to First Vice President now. To God be the glory!

IW: How does your team intend to contribute to fulfilling the company’s vision of uplifting lives, impacting society, and helping shape the nation?
WILSON SY: I believe my team can further contribute in the company’s vision of uplifting lives by providing the best and relevant services that will, in turn, nourish their personal and professional growth. We can fulfill our part of this vision by extending proactive services to our clients with love, by sharing or providing needed services with a good heart, and delivering prompt and honest actions to address our client’s requests. We impact society with projects and services that provide great value, improve their lives and well-being, and provide the greatest value for their investments. Lastly, we help shape the nation by delivering sincere service and focusing on helping our clients achieve the best investments that they want to enjoy.

IW: How would you encourage Inside World readers, and the current generation of Megaworld employees, to embrace the value of love for the company?
WILSON SY: In the practice of my Christian faith, I focus my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith. Likewise, at Megaworld, I focus my eyes on Dr. Andrew L. Tan, the author of Megaworld’s vision and mission.

In the past, there have been real estate companies that have attempted to lure me away from Megaworld several times, but I ignored them and never even bothered to listen to them. That is my definition of loyalty and love for the company.


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