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The Best Places To Retire in The Philippines

Apply for a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa to become eligible to reside in the Philippines. Click here for more information.

Retiree's Visa

Requirements and Benefits

SRRV CLASSIC For Active / Healthy Retirees

Qualified Nationality

Any foreign national or alien who is not included in the Excluded Classes under Section 29 of the Immigration Act of 1940.

Age Qualifications & Visa Deposit

  • 50 years old and Above :

    • A. With Pension = US$10,000.00

    • B. Without Pension = US$20,000.00


Principal may be joined by dependents (spouse and children)

Spouse – should be of legal age and the legitimate spouse of the Principal applicant.

Child – legitimate or legally adopted child by the Principal, who must be unmarried and below 21 years old.

The visa deposits are for the principal retiree and 2 dependents. An additional visa deposit of US$15,000.00 is needed for each additional dependent, in excess of two. The additional visa deposit is waived for Former Filipino citizens.

Convertibility of Deposits

  • * May be used for investment/s in RFO Real Estate Properties;

  • * Investment value must be at least US$50,000.00

Documentary Requirements

  • * Original of the valid Passport with valid/updated tourist visa in the Philippines (Tourist Visa sponsored by Travel Agency/Tour Operator is NOT allowed);

  • * Accomplished PRA Application Form;

  • * Original of the Medical Clearance;

  • * Original of the Police Clearance from country of origin;

  • * NBI Clearance (if applicant has stayed in the Philippines for more than 30 days from last date of entry prior to application of SRRV);

  • * Photos (12 pieces of 2″x2″);

  • * Proof of Relationship for joining dependents.

Documents obtained/issued outside of the Philippines must be translated into English, if necessary, and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate.

Additional Documentary Requirements

  • SRRV Classic with Pension

  • * Certficate of Retirement Benefits, equivalent to at least US$800/month (single applicant) or US$1,000/month (couple).

NOTE: Documents obtained / issued outside of the Philippines must be translated into English, if necessary, and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy / Consulate.

NOTE: Documents obtained / issued outside of the Philippines must be translated into English, if necessary, and authenticated by the Philippine Embassy / Consulate.

Fees to be Paid upon Joining the Program

Application Fee

  • Principal Applicants US$1,400

  • Dependent US$ 300 (each)

  • Annual Fee (PAF) US$ 360 (covers 3 family members)

* For more than 3 retiree members in a family, an additional PAF of US$100.00 for each additional dependent must be paid. * Under the SRRV Courtesy/Expanded Courtesy, the PRA Annual Fee of US$360.00 is not applicable. However, in case of more than two dependents, US$10.00 for each dependent must be paid for the issuance of the PRA ID Card.

Obligations of a Retiree Member

* To update the Authority of any changes in contact information (e.g. status name, address, telephone/fax number and email address); * To secure an Alien Employment Permit (AEP) from the Department of Labor and Employment for purpose of employment in the Philippines; * To renew the PRA ID Card and pay the PRA Annual Fee of US$360.00. For PRA Members under the SRRV Courtesy pay the Annual Fee of US$10.00 for each retiree member in the family.

Special Resident Retiree’s Visa


Once you are an SRRV Visa holder, it opens the door to vast opportunities and benefits. These include:

1. Option to Retire Permanently

  • You may live, work and study in the Philippines

2. Multiple Entry Privileges

  • You may travel outside the Philippines and re-enter anytime

3. Exemptions from:

  • Income tax over your pension and annuities;

  • Exit and re-entry permits of the Bureau of Immigration;

  • Annual registration requirement of the Bureau of Immigration;

  • Customs Duties and Taxes with regard to the importation of household goods and personal effects up to US$7,000.00;

  • Travel tax, if you stay in the Philippines is less than one year from the last entry date; and

  • I-Card

  • Securing the ACR I-Card (Alien Certificate of Registration Immigration Card) from the Bureau of Immigration.

  • Paying the travel tax at the Philippine Airports.

  • Getting a Study Permit or Student’s Visa for their dependent-children who intends to pursue education in the Philippines.

  • Usage of health cards issued abroad in Philippine hospitals/clinics accredited by selected health card companies.

  • Usage of the one time tax-free importation of household goods / personal effects (up to $7,000.00 to be availed of within 90 days upon issuance of the SRRVisa).

  • And many more…

As an SRR Visa holder, the PRA can assist you in obtaining basic documents from other government agencies. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Alien Employment Permit

  • Driver’s License

  • Tax Exemption/Extension Certificate

  • Tax Identification Number

  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance

Getting old in bliss is almost everyone’s future plan. If you imagine spending the rest of your life sitting in front of pristine white-sand beaches or having a drink on a penthouse balcony while taking in the best city sunset views, chances are you’ll find the best places to retire in the Philippines.

This tropical country offers endless options to match your needs and prove it’s truly more fun here. Aside from the rich culture, cheap cost of living, hospitable and English-fluent locals, and picturesque natural wonders, the Philippines is a residential haven with approximately 64,512 foreign retirees.

No matter what circumstances and factors you are considering, the Philippines will surely accommodate your needs. With more than 7,000 islands, this country is considered one of the world’s best retirement destinations for endless reasons. It is a prime destination that is eyed by many looking to settle down.

From over a hundred cities and eighty provinces, here is a guide on the best places to retire in the Philippines. This article will also provide a guide to the benefits of retiring in the country, covering topics like government support, cost of living, and access to healthcare. Read on to continue learning more!


City of Manila

Kingsquare Residential Suites: Best Places to Retire in the Philippines

Naturally, the country’s capital is among the best places to retire in the Philippines. Priding itself with bustling city scenes and a dynamic population, the City of Manila is among the top targets for retirees because it is complete with everything they need in life.

For one, Manila is a booming economic hub, which means it is surrounded by government, educational, historic, commercial, and even leisure establishments. This is what makes it highly attractive for those who prioritize utmost convenience. To add to that, it is home to world-class hospitals and a myriad of real estate property options.

Some of the best places to retire in the City of Manila is Megaworld Manila’s Kingsquare Residential Suites and Noble Place.


Kingsquare Residential Suites and Noble Place

Location of Kingsquare Residential Suites: San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park, Manila

  • Bedrooms: studio, 1br, 2br

  • Floor Area: 29.00 SQM, 30.50 SQM, 41.00 SQM, 42.00 SQM, 58.5 SQM, 60.5 SQM

Location of Noble Place: Juan Luna corner Dasmariñas Street, Binondo, Manila

  • Bedrooms: studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, 4br, 5br 

  • Floor Area: 40 SQM – 195 SQM

As a retiree, you will never find yourself running out of choice for residences in Manila. To give you an idea of the options to choose from, take a look at Noble Place or Kingsquare Residential Suites. Top condo developers in the Philippines poised these impressive condominiums to be among the best places to retire in the Philippines.

Both provide convenience and a more efficient way of living for residents. This is done through increasing the number of units, the addition of state-of-the-art features, and an impressive roster of premium indoor and outdoor amenities such as opulent infinity pools, gyms with sauna and spa, lush landscaped gardens, relaxing lounges, and many more. 


Paranaque City

Gentry Manor: Best Places to Retire in the Philippines

Most people will agree that among the best places to retire in the Philippines, Paranaque City boasts the best of both worlds. The locale embodies a quickly progressive city that caters to those with fast-paced lifestyles and even those who want to escape from the pressures of bustling, urban jungles. 

It is master-planned to be close to commercial and business districts, while never overlooking serene, green spaces, and thrilling leisure spots. Paranaque provides a dynamic lifestyle for people from all walks of life. It is also a perfect choice for those who value tranquility in their daily routines — a big factor often prioritized by retirees when it comes to considering the best places to retire in the Philippines. 

Here, you can easily access the rest of the Metro. A trip to the most stunning getaways is also within easy reach.

One of the best places to retire in the Paranaque City is Megaworld Manila’s Westside City Township.


Westside City Township

Location of Gentry Manor: Southbeach District ‘Bay Area’ Westside City

  • Bedrooms: studio, 1br

  • Floor Area: 37 SQM – 56 SQM

Among the best places to retire in the Philippines, the township of Westside City is the next big thing for retirees in Paranaque.

The development of townships in the Philippines has generated a revolutionary and more effective way of living. Individuals get to reside peacefully and have everything within their reach. It offers a broad range of outstanding amenities, excellent and structured security systems, as well as a well-managed administrative team. All of these combined create a holistic living experience.

Establishing your life in a township such as Gentry Manor is one of the best decisions you can make for your retirement. This 31-hectare sprawling development is poised to become the Las Vegas of Metro Manila.


Taguig City

Uptown Ritz: Best Places to Retire in the Philippines

If you seek nothing but lux and sophistication in your life, you’ll be glad to know that Taguig City is among the top best places to retire in the Philippines. Make no mistake because this district stands out from the other cities in the country for numerous reasons. 

Here, a-listers and elite families reside and reap the advantages of state-of-the-art architectural design, unrivaled leisure spots, the presence of renowned educational institutions, workplaces, and even world-class hospitals. It has built a solid reputation that goes beyond meeting the needs of retirees.

The best places to retire in the Philippines must have high-end shopping malls, vibrant nightlife scenes, endless dining spots, close access to major highways, and eco-friendly transportation systems. Fortunately for you, Taguig City has it all.

Some of the best places to retire in Taguig City are Megaworld Manila’s One Uptown Residences, Uptown Bonifacio, Uptown Ritz, St. Moritz, and The Florence. 


High-End Properties in Taguig City

Location of One Uptown Residence: 8th Avenue corner PH, 36th St, Taguig, 1630

  • Bedrooms: 1br, 2br, 3br

  • Floor Area: 33.00 SQM – 52.00 SQM, 68.00 SQM – 109.4 SQM, 137.9 SQM – 135.8 SQM

Location of Uptown Bonifacio: 36th Street, 9th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

Location of Uptown Ritz: 36th Street Barangay Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

  • Bedrooms: 2br, 3br, 4br

  • Floor Area: 78.80 SQM – 80.30 SQM., 93.50 SQM, 108.10 SQM, 182.60 SQM

Location of St. Moritz: Le Grand Ave, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila

  • Bedrooms: 2br, 3br, 4br

  • Floor Area: 78.00 SQM – 219.00 SQM

Location of The Florence: Florence Way, Pinagsama, Taguig City

  • Bedrooms: studio, 1br, 2br, 3br

  • Floor Area: 44.80 SQM – 94.70 SQM

Didn’t we say Taguig City is among the best places to live in the Philippines? It would only make sense for the district to offer high-end residential choices.

If you want to enjoy convenience to the fullest, the Uptown Bonifacio township and One Uptown Residence are your go-to. Perhaps you want to wake up to a posh and lavish unit? The Uptown Ritz is waiting for you. Or maybe you want to prioritize privacy above all? Then, moving to exclusive communities such as St. Moritz and The Florence are the best choices.

No matter what you seek in your retirement dream home, Taguig City is one of the best places to live in the Philippines that will exceed your expectations.


Benefits of Retirement in the Philippines

Benefits of Retiring in the Philippines

Through the years, more and more people have been searching for the best places to retire in the Philippines for a variety of reasons. Whether you have an outgoing or laid-back type of personality, seeking to have your own family, or just want to enjoy the rest of your retired life to the fullest, the country will surely have a residential option fit for you.

We’ve rounded up the best benefits for you to consider the Philippines your next retirement haven. Read on!


Cheap Cost Of Living

A major factor to consider when moving to the best places to live in the Philippines is the cost. Given that you want your lifestyle to sustain its quality, it would make sense to think about the best value for your money.

The cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower than it is in the U.S. Most retirees can live comfortably with $800 to $1,200 a month in their bank account. That already includes monthly housing and going out to enjoy what the country has to offer.


Government Support For Retirees

If the cheap cost of living is not enough to consider the best places to retire in the Philippines, the government support for retirees is outstanding.

The Department of Tourism created the Philippine Retirement Authority to develop and promote the country as a retirement destination. Here, a whole department is devoted to ensuring you get the best quality of life.


Enjoy Utmost Convenience

You will also be surrounded by convenience wherever you might reside in the Philippines. There are numerous shopping malls, hospitals, banks, schools, and many more.

The country is aimed to surround retirees with everything they need to go through daily routines without a hassle. Perhaps this is a way to reward you for the years of hard work. These reasons are what make townships and innovative residences the best places to retire in the Philippines.


Find The Best Places To Retire in the Philippines With Megaworld Manila!

You are entitled to several substantial advantages when you reside in one of the best places to retire in the Philippines. Give yourself nothing but the best and reward yourself with the finest lifestyle through modern residences and convenient townships.

Megaworld Manila is a leading urban township developer and one of the best condo developers in the Philippines. We have launched more than two hundred different infrastructures, establishments, and residences. Click here to inquire about the top condos in the Philippines!