What are the top condos in Paranaque’s Bay Area or Westside City?

  1. Gentry Manor
  2. Bayshore Residential Resort 2 Phase 2
  3. Sunny Coast Residential Resort

If you’re looking for the best residential property options in the Philippines, it’s worth checking out the top condos in Paranaque.

Paranaque has always been known to offer the best of both worlds: urban living and relaxation. It is home to plenty of open, green spaces where families can bond. The city is also a melting pot of the biggest malls, five-star hotels and resorts, high-stake casinos, a 1740-seated theater, vibrant dining scenes, and more.

Paranaque’s Bay Area is the next big thing in real estate because it is strategically located within Entertainment City. It combines entertainment, convenience, relaxation, and leisure all in one place. Thus, an enviable, urban lifestyle with convenience, relaxation, and entertainment within reach awaits residents.

In this blog, we curated a list of the top condos in the Paranaque Bay Area that you should check out!

Gentry Manor

Gentry Manor

Westside City is a booming 31-hectare leisure and entertainment township developed in the Entertainment City. Megaworld’s township features the Philippines’ 2nd Resorts World complex, luxury malls, residential condos, and international hotel brands. The Gentry Manor is a pre-selling 18-story condominium that’s part of Megaworld’s Westside City. It is poised to become Manila’s version of the Las Vegas Strip.

Near the Gentry Manor are business districts, prestigious universities, airports, and more. Residents of Gentry Manor are set to indulge in a lavish live-work-shop-play lifestyle. Whether you have a family, are a dedicated yuppie, retiree, leisure seeker, or valued ex-pat — Gentry Manor will have something to offer. The following are the top amenities you can find:

Two unit types are available at Gentry Manor: Executive studio units, which are up to 37 sqm or up to 41 sqm with balcony, and 1-bedroom units, which are up to 56 sqm.

Bayshore Residential Resort 2 Phase 2

The Bayshore Residential Resort 2 Phase 2 is another top condo in Paranaque’s Bay Area or Westside City. As a pre-selling residential project, the Bayshore Residential Resort 2 is set to offer a Broadway-like lifestyle with its 787 units.

Everything you desire in a residential oasis is at the Bayshore Residential Resort 2. Discover its luxurious amenities and find out what you can do right at home below:

Choose from Bayshore Residential Resort 2 unit types such as Studio (up to 37.5 sqm), Executive Studio (up to 45 sqm), One-Bedroom (up to 53 sqm), Two-Bedroom (up to 83 sqm), and Three-Bedroom (up to 106 sqm).

Sunny Coast Residential Resort

Sunny Coast Residential Resort

Sunny Coast Residential Resort is a three-towered, 21-story condominium in the Westside City set to offer 1,309 residential units. What makes the Sunny Coast Residential Resort unique is that it is strategically located along the promenade. Residents can relish unobstructed views of the famous Manila Bay Area sunset.

Here are the amenities of the Sunny Coast Residential Resort:

Choose from Sunny Coast Residential Resort unit options ranging from Studio (up to 41 sqm), One-Bedroom (up to 77 sqm), and Executive One-Bedroom (up to 111 sqm).

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of the top condos in Paranaque. What are you waiting for?

Prime real estate developer Megaworld Manila has launched the booming 31-hectare Westside City township. It will be home to a cluster of luxury residential condominiums, the biggest shopping malls, international hotel brands, and more. Experience the best of urban living today by moving to Gentry Manor, Bayshore Residential Resort 2 Phase 2, or Sunny Coast Residential Resort.

Paranaque’s Bay Area or Westside City is just a few minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Manila Metro Rail Transit System (MRT) station, Cavite via CAVITEX, Newport City, Fort Bonifacio, Makati Central Business District, and Quezon City.

For more inquiries about the top condos in Paranaque’s Bay Area, contact Megaworld Manila by clicking here. We would be more than happy to help you with your residential needs.