9 Unit Inclusions in Gentry Manor Condo

July 19, 2021 9 Unit Inclusions in Gentry Manor Condo

What are the unit inclusions in a Gentry Manor condo?

  1. Bedroom with modular closet
  2. Toilet & bath with ventilation and partial glass enclosures
  3. Kitchen with modular counters, overhead cabinets, and cooktops
  4. Maid’s/utility room with toilet
  5. Window-type air conditioning unit
  6. Provision for television, telephone, and internet lines
  7. Video intercom
  8. Individual mailboxes with key
  9. Private balcony


The next big thing in real estate is coming to the 31-hectare Westside City with the launch of the Gentry Manor. Gentry Manor is a pre-selling condominium by Megaworld Manila designed to become the Broadway of Asia. As you work on those pre-selling paperwork, we’ve curated a guide that lists all unit inclusions in a Gentry Manor condo.

With target turnover dates September 30, 2024 (Tower A/B) and April 30, 2025 (Tower C/D), the Gentry Manor completely encapsulates every desirable residential benefit the best places to live in the Philippines would have. Moving into the 17-story bi-clustered luxury development means taking advantage of modern conveniences and an overall up-scaled lifestyle. Surrounded by international hotel brands, the biggest malls, the Philippines’s first grand opera house, and world-class entertainment districts, Gentry Manor is waiting to let you experience bayside living at its finest.

At Gentry Manor, each high-end unit choice is designed with a contemporary touch. Buyers can choose from three breathtaking residential unit options: Studio units, Executive Studio units, Executive 1-bedroom units, and 2-Bedroom units. Continue reading on to learn more about the unit inclusions in the Gentry Manor condo waiting for you!


Bedroom with Modular Closet

Bedroom with Modular Closet

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of every home because it is the place for resting and rejuvenating after a long day filled with activities. At Gentry Manor, the unit bedrooms are lined with ceramic plank flooring for enhanced durability and easy maintenance. Each one comes with a modular closet. The modular closet is made up of standardized sections that allow for a simple design and easy division of clothing items.


Toilet & Bath with Ventilation and Partial Glass Enclosures

As the place for fundamental hygienic function and pampering, Megaworld Manila made sure to include toilets and baths in each condominium type. Get ready every day without any hassle in your high-end bathroom!

Gentry Manor bathrooms are equipped with mechanical ventilation to control and eliminate unwanted odors. If you need to have a refreshing and relaxing shower, there is provision for hot and cold water lines. The partial glass enclosure separates the shower area and ensures the rest of your bathroom tiles and walls remain dry.


Kitchen with Modular Counters and Overhead Cabinets

Kitchen with Modular Counters and Overhead Cabinets

You can easily grab any cuisine you could possibly crave when you live in Gentry Manor. This is because the condo is strategically located to be a stone’s throw away from fine dining restaurants, casual dining spots, chic cafes, fast food joints, eat-all-you-can buffets, and even local pubs. But for days when you want to whip up your own delicious recipes, Gentry Manor units come with a kitchen area.

The kitchen features modular counters and overhead cabinets for placing your kitchen utensils, tools, appliances, and ingredients. It also comes with mechanical ventilation. The studio and executive 1-bedroom units include a 2-burner cooktop with range hood, while the 2-bedroom units include a 4-burner cooktop with range hood.


Maid’s/Utility Room with Toilet

Gentry Manor 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom condos units have a maid’s/utility room with a toilet. If you hired an in-house maid for your family, she can sleep in a separate room for privacy purposes. Don’t have a maid? You can transform the spare room into a utility room to store unused equipment.


Window-Type Air Conditioning Unit

Window-Type Air Conditioning Unit

Everyone wants to sleep and rest in a cool home. Fortunately, Gentry Manor condo units are equipped with window-type air conditioning units. For studio units, one air conditioning is provided. As for 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units, air conditioning units are available in both the bedroom and living area.


Provision for Television, Telephone, and Internet Lines

Whether you want to watch your favorite shows, call for delivery, or just need to work online — the Gentry Manor condo is more than ready to cater to your daily living needs. Each unit has provisions for television, telephone, and internet lines. The best part is, the internet line provision comes with Fibr-to-the-home triple play technology for faster and multiple online connections.


Video Intercom

Video Intercom

Each unit also comes with a video intercom system that takes the guesswork out of guests. You can see anyone outside your door before deciding whether or not to let them in.


Individual Mailboxes with Key

On the ground floor of Gentry Manor is a place for individual mailboxes per unit. As a resident, you can simply open it to read mail and lock it using a provided key.

Private balcony

Private balcony

To top off the world-class experiences at Gentry Manor, each condo unit has a private balcony. After a long day at work, you can simply watch the stunning Manila Bay sunset or the bustling cityscape at Westside City while sipping on your favorite drinks. If you have a green thumb, you can also grow your own mini garden on your private balcony.


Key Takeaway

In this article, we listed down the unit inclusions in every Gentry Manor condo that are waiting to cater to your living needs. Experience the best of bayside living in the high-end township of Westside City by having your own Gentry Manor unit.

Gentry Manor is a pre-selling condominium master-planned by the best condo developers in the Philippines, Megaworld Manila. If you are interested in the units, you can click here. Our customer service team would be more than happy to assist with all your inquiries.