What is the cost of living in downtown Manila?

  1. Housing costs
  2. Food costs
  3. Utility costs
  4. Transportation costs
  5. Sports and leisure costs
  6. Personal care and clothing costs


You have certainly dreamed of it: the day when you move out and have your own home. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day to a great location and enjoying the perks of convenient, independent living. Achieving this dream can be a challenge, especially if you have to consider your savings. Fortunately, there is a way for you to live comfortably without burning through your money. The cost of living in Downtown Manila makes it an incredibly attractive residential choice.

In the populous of Downtown Manila, the city offers a fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle. Plus, living in this metropolitan region means you can easily head to the country’s central business districts and white-sand beaches. This is what makes it among the best places to retire in the Philippines. Downtown Manila is composed of cities like the vicinity of Binondo, Quiapo, and Santa Cruz.

Ready to move out? Read on to learn more about the 6 essential cost categories of living in Downtown Manila this 2021.


Housing Costs

Housing costs in Downtown Manila will typically depend on the size of the property. Whether you are renting, sharing a room, or amortizing a home, the expenses will also depend on the type of the property. You have to consider the fact that this is the capital of the country as well.

To give you an idea, the average monthly cost of renting a condominium can go for the following:


Food Costs

Packed groceries on kitchen table

If you dine at home and stick to local branded products, the costs will approximately be 40% to 50% cheaper than eating out. This won’t be a problem as there are numerous groceries and markets around Downtown Manila. Many common food items catering to a foreign diet are widely available as well. There are also small bakeries and sari-sari stores (variety stores) where you can buy goods in smaller portions.

Here is an example breakdown of common food expenses:


Utility Costs

As for utilities, the cost is relatively reasonable. This is especially true if you avoid using air conditioning all day long. Utility costs include electricity, water, and internet. In Downtown Manila, this can cost approximately $133.88 or ₱6,500 per month.


Transportation Costs

city highway at night

Downtown Manila, being a highly-urbanized city, has a variety of public transportation choices: taxis, trains, buses, jeepneys, tricycles, and UV express.

If you have your car or hire a ride-hailing service, it would be easier to travel to other parts of the Metro. Just keep in mind that traffic congestion is common in the area. This problem can be tackled by residing in a property that is near every type of establishment for your convenience like Kingsquare Residential Suites in Binondo.

Here is an approximate breakdown of transportation costs in Manila:


Sports and Leisure Costs

Recreational activities help balance your daily living schedule and contribute to a great lifestyle. If you move to a condominium that offers premium amenities, you won’t have a problem indulging in leisure amenities. Either way, Downtown Manila is surrounded by malls and other leisure spots.

Here are examples of sports and leisure costs:


Personal Care and Clothing Costs

Young contemporary elegant female consumer choosing shampoo in supermarket

You would also have to account for personal care costs such as hygiene groceries and clothing. Showing up at work requires you to wear proper attire. As stated earlier, Downtown Manila is brimming with large malls. You can conveniently buy your personal care products.

Here is an estimated breakdown of some personal care expenses:


Key Takeaway

More and more people are eyeing to reside in Downtown Manila given its numerous residential benefits such as location convenience and rapid economic growth.  If you want to know about the cost of living in Downtown Manila, you can take a look at this guide for an estimated breakdown of expenses.

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