What are the advantages of living in downtown Manila?

  1. Efforts of the Local Government
  1. A rapidly developing economy
  2. Home to business districts
  3. Easy access to major highways
  4. Essential establishments are within reach
  5. Leisure spots are near
  6. Appreciating property values
  7. Endless food crawl adventures await you


There’s no doubt that more and more families and individuals are thinking about moving to downtown Manila. Those who have lived their whole life in other parts of the Metro may not be able to imagine living in districts like Binondo and Sta. Cruz. However, the advantages of living in downtown Manila are proving to be unrivaled nowadays.

This area is well-known for offering the perfect combination of a convenient yet dynamic city lifestyle. As a capital city, one can say that downtown Manila is among the best places to retire in the Philippines. After a grueling day at work, who wouldn’t want to come home to a place that has a strategic location and provides utmost convenience? Continuously rising developments have also made the district an ideal residential option.

These are just some of the factors that make living here the choice of millions. That being said, here are 8 more advantages of living in downtown Manila.


Efforts of the Local Government

The local government unit of downtown Manila spearheaded by Mayor Isko Moreno is making a strong stand on bringing bottom-up change in the district. Thanks to their competent leadership, they offer a promising vision to bringing back the old glory of downtown Manila.

The rehabilitation efforts of the local government in downtown Manila means you can take advantage of clean, passable streets, connected districts, much-needed green spaces and parks, and efficient urban planning.


A Rapidly Developing Economy

Business building

Downtown Manila is known for being a rapidly developing economy. This is because major investments continue to pour into the city. To add to that, the government’s efforts are skyrocketing downtown Manila’s economic development at unprecedented levels.

Take the San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park in the Binondo area, which is a former 16-hectare horse racetrack by Manila Jockey Investments Corp. As proof of downtown Manila’s rapidly developing economy, the site will be further developed to boost foreign direct investment. It has been registered as a Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) economic zone with an information technology component.

Numerous investors will seek to take advantage of the special perks that come with economic zones such as exemption from all national and local taxes. This can only mean residing in a property in downtown Manila like Kingsquare Residential Suites will garner more investment value.


Home to Business Districts

Aside from the emergence of techno and urban hubs everywhere, downtown Manila has always been home to business districts. Here, one will find a great number of banks, corporations, and even startup businesses.

To add to that, with more investments coming in, there may be no need for career-driven individuals to keep working in other cities. Downtown Manila will offer endless career opportunities that can be hard to come by anywhere else.

If you want to skyrocket your career success, drop your resumes in downtown Manila.


Easy Access to Major Highways


Download Manila is the link to get to the rest of the Philippines. If you need to head to Northern cities, the EDSA and Metro Manila Skyway System makes it possible to arrive at destinations with ease. Have to accomplish any errands around the South of Metro Manila? The South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) is the go-to route. Need to go on a getaway outside the country or an international business trip? Take the NAIAX and never miss your flights.

Add all these with the national government’s Build, Build, Build program wherein infrastructure spending is accelerated. More and more extensive systems of highways are being built to connect cities.

If you live in downtown Manila, you will never have to worry about getting to and from places easily. Given the growing traffic congestion and population in the Philippines, easy access to major highways is a major advantage in daily living.


Essential Establishments Are Within Reach

When it comes to considering where to live, you will want to be nearby all the essential establishments. This can include hospitals, schools, malls, markets, banks, and workplaces.

Fortunately, properties in downtown Manila are strategically located to be near every type of establishment you will need. For example, if you choose to reside in a condominium by Megaworld Manila, you can take advantage of the live-work-play-learn-shop lifestyle concept. If you move to Kingsquare Residential Suites, you would find utmost satisfaction being nearby health care, work, educational, and shopping infrastructures at the very least.

Downtown Manila is poised to encapsulate all that you need for the rest of your life.


Leisure Spots Are Near

Beautiful asian woman smile and happy in shopping mall

What makes downtown Manila among the best places to retire in the Philippines? Leisure spots are within reach anytime. Some of the biggest and malls and top 5-star hotels in the country are a few minutes away from downtown Manila.

Aside from that, planning a quick weekend getaway to the pristine white sand beaches, discovering the Philippines’ marine life, trying extreme water sports, or simply lounging under the sun is easily achievable. The highways that transverse downtown Manila prove to be an attractive advantage for this.

If you have a condo unit at Kingsquare Residential Suites, it is almost like you can on a vacation anytime with the number of recreational amenities in the palm of your hands. It does not matter if your leisure destination is in or out of the country as well! The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is nearby.


Appreciating Property Values

Given that real estate properties are one of the biggest investments you can make, you would ensure you get the best value for your money. A major benefit of living in downtown Manila is that the convenient location and developing infrastructure drastically increases market value.

The demand for properties in downtown Manila is constantly rising with more and more people looking to stay in the area. Take advantage of the high occupancy rate all year long. If you want to gain passive income, you can simply purchase a condominium unit in the area and welcome tenants. You can also wait for the market values to rise and then sell off your property as you wish.


Endless Food Crawl Adventures Await You

Friends dining together

Heads up, foodies! Here in downtown Manila, you can embark on endless food crawl adventures anytime.

There are several culinary destinations and food parks in the area. Rest assured you will never run out of meal options. From cheap eats, fast foods, all-you-can-eat buffets, chill diners, aesthetic coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, pubs, and bars — every type of mouthwatering cuisine and scenic ambiance is offered.


Key Takeaway

Whether you’re looking for an investment property or your dream home, keep in mind the advantages of living in downtown Manila. It is among the best places to retire in the Philippines where you can experience the perfect balance of dynamic lifestyles along with the modern conveniences of city life.

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