Let me tell you more about the country they call the Pearl of the Orient


Manila is the capital of the Philippines. This is where the seat of the government is located. It is a booming district packed with business, diplomatic, government, historic, financial, and even leisure facilities — a factor that makes it the best place to live in the Philippines. With a bustling environment conducive to dynamic lifestyles, it is the residence choice of millions of citizens from locals to foreigners. There are numerous reasons to move to Manila, especially for those who opt for condo living.


Manila is an important economic, political, and social hub for the Philippines. The current local government is continuously working to bring back the old glory of Manila. It is now being revitalized and being developed to be the next tiger in Asia.  The government is also supporting the Build, Build, Build program. Buildings, roads, subways, train stations, condo homes, and more establishments are being built and are slowly taking place in the city.


Manila is a young city that has earned a reputation for being the best place in the Philippines to start a business or find work and live. If you are looking for good schooling for your kids and great places for foodies, Manila has what you need.


In Manila, you get to experience local flavors and culture. As a resident, you can feel like you’re on a vacation all year round. It is the perfect city to live in if you want to experience both a tropical and cosmopolitan life. With picturesque white sand beaches nearby, rich biodiversity, and numerous hot tourist destinations, Manila is a must-visit spot for leisure travelers. You can feel like you’re on vacation all year long with this lifestyle!


The city has many highways so you can reach the beach destination of Batangas, and experience the cold weather in Tagaytay, and Baguio easily. Manila is also near international and provincial airports and bus stations. You can also visit other tourist spots such as Cebu island, Boracay island, Siargao island, and Palawan island from Manila itself. Living in Metropolitan Manila means you get to enjoy the convenience of living in a city and have convenient access to shopping, entertainment, and food places.

Manila has always been known as a lively city. For home buyers and estate owners, it’s more convenient to live here. Giving you access to lots of places and establishments that you want in life. It is a prime location for real estate investment, especially in areas that are attracting foreign investments. It has become a go-to spot for foreign investors as it has all the benefits to lure them. For example, the San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park was established as an Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registered economic zone with an Information Technology Component so as to attract foreign investments because of its fiscal incentives like exemption from all local taxes. Moreover, it will be the location of Megaworld Manila’s world-class condominium known as Kingsquare Residential Suites, offering an ideal option for both investors and homebuyers alike.

This condo home is located in San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park in the City of Manila. It will be delivered in September 2026 (the grace period is factored in), and you can take delight in its trademark Live-Work-Play-Learn-Shop lifestyle. This means you will be near workplaces, malls, groceries, schools, hospitals, vocational training programs for the young, and entertainment facilities. You’ll find yourself surrounded by every establishment you need. Most people chose to settle down in the city of Manila because it is really convenient. In a Megaworld Township where Kingsquare Residential Suites is located, establishments are within a short distance, making it easy to go about your daily tasks.


The lifestyle at Kingsquare Residential Suites is one of a kind. Our condo home location is an attraction to people who want to make Manila their home. We offer First-In-Class amenities and conveniences that cater to your wants and needs, so you can really experience a better quality of life. Manila is a city of endless treasures. With its vibrant culture and diversity, Manila’s residents come together to live the best lifestyle possible. In this bustling metropolis, you will find everything you need to ensure a truly exciting and memorable experience.



With its huge array of entertainment spots, you can finally have the best of both worlds: work and play! Savor a quiet night out with friends at one of the many restaurants, bars, or clubs around the complex; host a barbecue in your backyard or dining room; or simply relax on your balcony with friends, just like what we all dream about.


Truly, there are endless benefits to living in Manila. That’s why the city is one of the best places to live in Manila, Philippines.