Why invest in a preselling condo?

  1. Low Pre-Selling Prices
  2. Flexible Payment Plans
  3. More Options To Choose From
  4. Future Passive Income
  5. Secured and Happy Future


Regardless if you are an expat, retiree, aspiring homebuyer, or someone who is searching for something to invest their hard-earned money on, you can never go wrong with condominiums. The boom of the real estate industry in the Philippines has made it clear that everyone is making homes, particularly preselling condominiums by Megaworld, a part of their investments. Why should you invest in a preselling condo? Well, there are many superior reasons why, and we’re here to tackle them all for you with some tips on the side.

Before we get started, what exactly is a preselling condo? A pre-selling condominium is a property that is being sold before it is established or completed, whether it be from its planning stage or during its construction period. Pre-selling investments allow you to purchase for years or months before they are handed over to you. One of the biggest hesitations of individuals towards investing in a pre-selling condo is that they do not see the actual unit visually and there is a certain waiting period before it is turned over to you. But we’re here to ease all uncertainties and tell you why it is one of the best investment steps you can take. Read on for more!


Low Pre-Selling Prices


One of the most excellent reasons why you should be investing in a pre-selling condominium is its low introductory price. You are granted about 30 to 50% off the amount compared to the price of an RFO (ready for occupancy) unit! For example, you are offered a price of a pre-selling unit of around 4 million pesos, and its turnover date would be 3 years from now. This is almost half the price of an RFO unit today. Additionally, you’ll get to beat inflation rates. On top of that, you’ll be offered flexible and affordable payment options as well.

You’ll definitely get the most out of your money and guarantee excellent returns after it has been turned over. To make this certain, you should be investing in a reputable and well-known real estate developer. Look at its portfolio to see how many projects it has launched, and if it has a good track record.


Flexible Payment Plans

Flexible Payment Plans

And the lower prices don’t stop there! As mentioned above, you get flexible and affordable options when you invest in a pre-selling condominium. You are offered opportunities for lower down payments with discounts and even lower monthly installments with zero interest rates. Furthermore, you are also presented with payable funding options such as cash, home loans, in-house financing options, or bank finance. A good and established real estate developer that is financially secure will definitely make things more flexible and easier for your pre-selling condo investment.


More Options To Choose From


When you buy an RFO property, most units are already occupied by homebuyers who have already invested beforehand. With pre-selling, you get to pick wherever you are most comfortable in since you are given the opportunity to decide on the location, lot, and floor of your unit.

And since there are so many pre-selling condominiums in the market today, it is impossible to not find anything catered to your lifestyle and convenience. You get to choose the amenities you will be reaping in the future and pick a great location. This is why it is important to view all the amenities and features of the project. You wouldn’t want to be presented with a unit that will present unrelieved results in the long run.


Future Passive Income


Pre-selling condominiums always give you the highest possible returns. You won’t have to worry if you don’t have plans on residing in your future condominium yet because you can always have it rented out for passive income. This way, you earn a constant cash flow. And because of inflation rates and higher value, some pre-selling investors even opt to sell it for a higher price.


Secured and Happy Future

Secured and Happy Future

And if you do choose to reside in your pre-selling condominium, you have already built yourself and your future family a secure future beforehand. Just imagine the convenience you’ll reap when you live in a city of your liking. It is also great if you have a demanding career and want less maintenance in your day-to-day life! Plus, you get additional entertainment through amenities. Not everyone gets to take a dip in a swimming pool or enjoy a majestic view after a long and tiring day. Condominium living in Megaworld is definitely a work, live, and play balance!


Key Takeaway


If you are looking for a great investment this 2020, here are the reasons why you should invest in a preselling condo. It will definitely give you the highest possible return and never-ending satisfaction. Browse through Megaworld’s best pre-selling condominiums Kingsquare Residence, South Beach Place, and Gentry Manor on our website!