Why should you consider a condo investment in 2020?

  1. Future passive income
  2. It is a tangible and usable asset
  3. There is a wide array of options
  4. Hassle-free management
  5. Adapts to your lifestyle
  6. You get a sense of security
  7. Lifetime amenities
  8. You get to take advantage of modern and unique features


Setting milestones sounds great this 2020. It’s an excellent beginning for making life-long investments. Maybe you’re considering moving out and buying your own condo unit or having it as a prospect of investment. Either way, you are most likely dwelling on concerns about why a condo investment in 2020 would be a good move for your hard-earned money. We’ve laid out 8 reasons why owning a condo is a smart investment move in 2020:


Future Passive Income

Future passive income

Investing in real estate properties is an effective way to generate passive income. Given the success of the real estate industry in the Philippines, condo ownership is a great opportunity to earn significant income in the future. Buying a pre-selling condo and selling or renting it out will produce huge profits and continuous cash flow. Since shelter is a basic need, it holds a higher value which will always stay in demand and appreciate over time. It doesn’t depreciate with the recession in the economy and gets more valuable over time. Investing in condos and earning from rental fees generate steady income flow and financial freedom.


It Is a Tangible and Usable Asset

Condominiums are tangible assets with a finite value and physical form. One could easily earn revenue from it either by residing or renting the property, regardless of financial market conditions. Its value remains and appreciates, making it less risky and more resilient to market swings compared to stocks and bonds. Even when the housing market may increase or decrease, its demand remains constant. It will never go bankrupt, which provides property owners stability.


There Is a Wide Array of Options

Considering the growth of the real-estate industry in the country, property developers provide vast choices for potential buyers. There are condos near universities for students, lower-range ones for first-time buyers and properties with state-of-the-art amenities for investors who plan on selling them out. Condominiums also vary in size, amenities, and design. They range from studio type, executive type, 1 bedroom unit, 2 bedroom units, or even penthouse. Residences towering around the Metro will cater to whatever your financial status, personality, or lifestyle is. Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor, the choices are limitless.


Hassle-Free Management

Hassle-free management

One of the perks of condo ownership is that you are spared from the hassle of maintaining its commodities. Common areas such as the lawn, lobby, elevators, pool, and parking areas are facilitated by condo associations that are covered under your maintenance fee. Neither you nor your tenant is responsible for exterior concerns in the building. Your only worry includes the systems and facilities inside your private space. This offers hassle-free and convenient living.


Adapts To Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re a college student, a young professional, a family man, or a retiree, you’ll find a residence suitable for your own pursuits. Contemporary skyscrapers around Metro will provide you with the grandeur of New York or Las Vegas if you desire leisure and aesthetics. There are condominiums with their own recreational facilities, harboring cafes and restaurants around if you like to dine and shop. Residences in close proximity to business districts will save you money and time if you’re always out and about. Condominiums will surely offer you a great living experience regardless of your lifestyle.


You Get A Sense Of Security

Enhanced security systems are common features of condo units nowadays. Most are equipped with closed-circuit TV (CCTV monitoring for selected common areas), 24-hour security monitoring of all building facilities, and intercom security system connecting reception. This promotes an inclusive environment that makes residents feel safer within the walls of their homes and offers peace of mind.


Lifetime Amenities

Lifetime amenities

The big advantage that condominiums offer over residential houses is its top-notched amenities. Most condos are equipped with gym, pool, spa, fitness and yoga center, community hall, and security. Just the sound of it attracts tenants to engage in living in one. These top-notch amenities offer both luxury and convenience that is a prime investment for one’s money.


You Get To Take Advantage Of Modern and Unique Features

Since most condominiums provide modern amenities and recreational facilities, owning one gives you the pleasure of enjoying them to your advantage. Depending on the residence, the unique features vary. You get access to swimming pools, fitness gym, sports gym, and even playgrounds without paying hefty amounts. Cost for these facilities are shared with other unit owners and even utility is covered in your monthly fees. While these are within your reach, you are able to save both money and time.


Key Takeaway

Common anxieties such as security are even challenged with the country’s current economic state and the chaos of COVID-19. You might be asking, would condo investment in 2020 be a smart move? Given the tremendous demand and supply on luxurious condominium units by Megaworld Manila in the country, the answer remains yes.