Checking the market to buy a new condo home is very exciting and a bit challenging. In my opinion, you would all agree that this is what you call adulting. The feeling you get when you are in a new environment is surreal! I believe that the winning emotion that fills you up when you go thru the experience of buying a new place is rewarding. We all know the feeling it brings you once you live in a new neighborhood and the ecstatic excitement you feel when you start to purchase new stuff for your new condo home! Nonetheless, the next question is, when is the best time to move?


Today is the best time to move! The big move from your old home into a new home can be tedious work. This can be physically challenging, mentally stressful, and emotionally sentimental if you have a lot of things you hold dear to you. This is challenging for the hoarder type or those who have a sentimental value mentality. They need to learn to let go of their things and learn to donate, know what to keep and decide which ones to sell and throw away. Now, you need to start packing and we will help you with the things you need to consider for your BIG MOVE.


First off, you need to choose the day wherein the weather is dry. It should also not be too windy, and no storm coming on the horizon. You need to check the weather forecast for your chosen day. Gear up and have lots of H2O and snacks for you and your movers.


Secondly, choose a day wherein traffic is a little less, or during non-rush hour. A mid-week move is recommended if you are within the Metro or if you will be traveling from the City to nearby provinces or vice versa. You may choose to move during the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. It is less crowded with moving or trucking companies.


Thirdly, choose to move early in the morning because the weather is cool and, this can be a factor that will make the move much faster. You will also agree with me that if you opt to move in the afternoon, you need to deal with the scorching hot weather.


An early move will give you more time to move out of your old home and move into your new abode. This will provide more time to unpack before the day ends. You will then be able to enjoy your first night in your new home and settle in early.

Here are additional helpful TIPS:

Do not move during the holiday season or days wherein it is declared as a holiday because these companies charge more during this time. Take into consideration the charges because they differ per area, per City, the distance from your old place to your new home, and per availability of the moving company.

Do not try to move late at night. It will be a little harder to keep track of all your stuff because there might be things left behind or bad people lurking around.


Do not forget to plan ahead. Be able to pack your things during your off days and avoid filing a leave of absence from work. Do get help from family and friends who you can trust. I am sure you will need an extra pair of hands to help and extra pair of eyes to look out for your things.


Take into consideration a friend’s vehicle and a jeepney as an alternative to moving companies. Bear in mind to take extra precautions as these are not professionals compared to moving companies you can hire.


You may also read our other articles about packing and moving out and moving in for other helpful tips.  I think you are now ready for your Big Move. Let us know about your experience in moving from your old home to your new condo home.