Graduated from college. Found the right job. Can buy what is needed. Can buy the “want”. Travel and see the world. What is next for me? These are the questions you might have right now. We recommend you invest in real estate. This is where you can create your own memories and fill up your space with the things you want. Let us help you determine when the best time is to invest in real estate.


First off, you should look into projects at their pre-selling stage. If you are not keen on moving in ASAP, this is the best time to buy a condo home. A project at this stage will offer investors amazing discounts and freebies. However, do consider that it will take time before you can live in it or be able to resell it.


Another tip you can look into. Did you know that you can get good deals at the end of the month, especially at the end of the year! This is when property sellers and realty offices try to reach the quota of the month or for the current fiscal year. If you are willing to invest during this time, agents have good deals up their sleeves for you.


A great tip to consider is to invest during the ‘BER’ months. This is the time of the year when people buy presents for their loved ones. This is also when real estate companies cook up good promos and deals for their clients to avail of condo homes.


Another good time to get a good deal is during an Open House. These are events when real estate companies invite guests to showcase their projects and offer good deals to ready investors. Use this opportunity to look into the condo homes you are eyeing. The promos and discounts offered during the event usually run for a limited time. Attend these events because they are free with no obligations attached to knowing more about condo homes.


When is the not-so-good time to invest? It is during the summer and rainy seasons. Why? In summer, the weather is too hot to go on tripping to see showrooms. The same goes for rainy months. The rainy season will make you experience floods and stormy days and makes it difficult to traverse the city. Having this said, today is always the best time to invest in real estate.

Here are additional 7 Tips to consider before buying a condo home:

  1. Budget. You should set a budget on what you can and can’t afford.
  2. The developer should be trusted like Megaworld.
  3. The location plays a big part in reselling your unit in the future. Make that choice and make it right.
  4. Value Appreciation or the ROI. Research this so you will have an idea of the value appreciation of your condo home in five (5) to ten (10) years.
  5. The amenities. You should be able to enjoy top-notch amenities in your condo home.
  6. Future developments in the area. There should be continuous development lurking on the horizon within the neighborhood. It is a good indicator that you made a good investment.
  7. The location should be flood free and near all modes of transportation.


To sum it up, the demand for condo homes here in The Philippines is steady and continuously improving. If you have the resources and are eyeing a condo home, today is the best time to invest. The economy is picking up from the pandemic. There are a lot of future developments ongoing around the country. The government is also all hands in supporting the country’s growth and build, build, build projects. We are on our way to making a mark in Asia. So don’t wait too long, because it might be too late for you if you invest in real estate tomorrow. Don’t worry; your investment will surely give you a high investment yield in the future.


Make us your choice when you choose your next home.