What are the types of units in Megaworld Townships?

  1. Studio units
  2. One bedroom/two bedroom/three-bedroom units
  3. Loft Suites
  4. Penthouse


There’s no doubt that the demand for condominium units is continuously growing. While most people dream of a house and lot, others are starting to recognize the numerous benefits of condo living. As the best condo developer in the Philippines, Megaworld Manila offers to improve the lifestyle of its residents. With that being said, you might want to know about the types of units in Megaworld townships.

Thinking about which type of condominium unit to buy is an important factor that homebuyers should take into consideration. It not only helps determine how much the budget should be, but how much space can be used and how much the place will compliment the resident’s lifestyle as well.

Here are the types of units that you can choose from in Megaworld townships. Read on!


Studio Units

A studio-type condominium unit also known as a bachelor-pad unit or studio flat has a design layout where the open floor plan functions as multiple rooms.

Given that studio units have the smallest floor size among all types of units, it is undoubtedly the most affordable. This is why singles, couples, and yuppies all over the world prefer to reside here. However, it possesses its own set of drawbacks such as limited living space.

Most studio units do not have wall barriers or divisions to separate the living area, kitchen, and bedroom. The only area to have doors will be the bathroom. Nevertheless, you can always design your unit to have a wall division or half wall room dividers. These dividers are created to offer privacy to the owner when guests are expected to arrive.

You can typically find studio units in Megaworld townships. The ones in Gentry Manor at Westside City have a floor area of about 37.00 square meters. It’s also important to remember that there are studio units like those in The Florence at Mckinley Hill that have a balcony. This gives you extra space for an outdoor living room.


One Bedroom/Two Bedroom/Three Bedroom Units

One BedroomTwo BedroomThree Bedroom Units

Units with one bedroom will typically feature a living room, kitchen and dining area, bathroom, and a separated bedroom. On the other hand, the two-bedroom and three-bedroom units may have an additional maid’s room or utility room, balcony, multiple bathrooms, and a hallway leading to the separated bedrooms.

These types of units are an ideal residential choice for couples and small families alike because it offers a larger living space that everyone can enjoy.

If you prefer to live in a luxurious Megaworld township that offers one, two, or three-bedroom units, the One Uptown Residence is for you. Here, the units are designed with elegance in mind. Floor areas can range anywhere from 34.00 square meters to 135 square meters. The prices will depend on how big the unit is.


Loft Suites

If a condo building has high ceilings, loft suites like the ones in The Venice Luxury Residences in Mckinley Hill can be offered to residents.

It is a great option for people who want a non-constricting space. However, it can be bothersome for those who value their privacy because these units will typically have an elevated and open bedroom that can be accessed by a staircase. Once you look over from the bedroom, the main living area can be seen below.

Loft suites will offer the best of luxury and spacious living as it features a living room, dining and kitchen area, maid’s quarters with dedicated toilets, a private balcony, multiple bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms.




Penthouse units are found on the topmost floor of a condominium building. Naturally, they are the most expensive units because they offer a larger floor area. Let’s not forget about the privacy offered to the exclusive residents on that floor.

At the Uptown Ritz, the penthouse units have a floor area ranging from 108.10 square meters to even 167.30 square meters. They all feature four bedrooms each with their private balconies, multiple bathrooms, a spacious living room, maids room with a bathroom, a foyer, and even an office area.

If you want to upscale your lifestyle to the highest level, living in a penthouse is definitely the way to go. It offers unmatched unit features.


Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering about the types of units in Megaworld townships, check out the four we have stated above. No matter what unit you choose to reside in, the most important thing to consider is what you really need.

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