What are the top amenities of Golfhill Gardens you need to check out?

  1. Luxurious Pools and Pools Decks
  2. Fully Functional Fitness Gym
  3. Landscaped Gardens and Plenty of Open Spaces
  4. Private Balconies
  5. Jogging Paths and Tai Chi Stations
  6. Function Rooms and Business Centers
  7. Children’s Playground
  8. Daycare Center
  9. Picnic Area with BBQ Pits


The top condos in the Philippines are offering outstanding amenities. And why wouldn’t they? The main allure of owning a condo is that it has all the world-class needed in life amenities needed to upscale one’s lifestyle. If you want to experience exclusive living surrounded by the lush, green landscape at the heart of Quezon City, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the top Golfhill Garden amenities.

When you purchase a condo unit with your hard-earned money, there are several factors to consider such as location convenience, security, price, and developer’s reputation. With all the basics covered, another major factor that makes or breaks the purchase deal is the amenities.

As one of the best condo developers in the Philippines, Megaworld Manila master-planned Golfhill Gardens to provide only the best amenities you could ask for. Nestled in Capitol Hills, this low-density 6-clustered residential condominium lets residents find their personal haven in a highly elevated, refreshingly peaceful, and exclusive community. It encapsulates every living advantage you seek to reap from the modern Metro while enjoying relaxing ambiances.

Continue reading on to learn about the top 9 amenities of Golfhill Gardens waiting when you move in.


Luxurious Pools and Pools Decks

As daily life becomes more hectic, more so with the sudden shift to work from home settings brought by the pandemic, you’d want some time to destress in a relaxing environment. Condo living at Golfhill Gardens offers you just that with luxurious pools and pool decks.

Here, you can access the stunning lap pool with a paved sunbathing deck to relax after a long day at work. You can also swim a few laps as part of your exercise routine. Afterward, laze under the sun on the outdoor chaise lounge chairs and paved sunbathing deck. With the children’s pool, even your kids can have the best kind of fun while swimming.

While others have to travel far and wide as a means to refresh from the scorching weather, you simply have to go downstairs and take a dip while being surrounded by city skylines. To complete the resort-like experience, the pools are accompanied by such as respective male and female changing/shower rooms.


Fully Functional Fitness Gym

Fully Functional Fitness Gym

Most condo buyers today are looking for homes that support their health and wellness. This is especially true because the pandemic continues to threaten public health. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just want to strengthen your body, the fully functional and well-ventilated fitness gym at Golfhill Gardens is at your disposal.

There are weights, stationary bikes, punching bags, treadmills, medicine balls, equipment for lifting, and much more available for resident’s use. At Golfhill Gardens, you get to take advantage of not paying for separate gym memberships or traveling just to work out.


Landscaped Gardens and Plenty of Open Spaces

Nowadays, homes are not only a place for sleeping, they are people’s workplaces and places for relaxing as well. Going beyond aesthetics, the landscaped gardens and plenty of open spaces in Golfhill Gardens is ideal for resident’s health and well-being.

When you have a condo unit here, the serene and exclusive community surrounds you with lush greenery. This means you benefit from fresher air, contrary to polluted Metro areas. After a tiring day, you can spend the rest of the afternoon taking a peaceful walk or reading a book at the landscaped gardens.


Private Balconies

Private Balconies

To top off the relaxing experiences at Golfhill Gardens, each condo unit has a balcony for relieving stress. Wake up to the stunning views of the community and escape from the bustling city. If you want to sip wine while watching the sunset or have a mini garden, you can do so on your private balcony.


Jogging Paths and Tai Chi Stations

As part of the condominium’s effort to support healthy lifestyles, there are jogging paths and tai chi stations at Golfhill Gardens. Enjoy a quiet jog or relaxing tai chi session to start your day feeling energized.


Function Rooms and Business Centers

Function Rooms and Business Centers

For celebrations worth commemorating, there are splendid function rooms at Golfhill Gardens perfect for entertaining guests. The business centers can also accommodate your meetings with colleagues. From corporate meetings to grand elite occasions — you can organize any event you need at Golfhill Gardens.


Children’s Playground

If you have kids in your family, there are children’s playgrounds at Golfhill Gardens as well to ensure they get plenty of playing time and enjoy to the fullest. The playground allows your little ones to develop creativity, form memorable bonds with other children, and release their energy in a safe environment.


Daycare Center

Daycare Center

The daycare center at Golfhill Gardens provides a safe and secure environment with quality caregivers. You can have complete peace of mind that your children have babysitters, while you and your partner hold down your jobs.


Picnic Area with BBQ Pits

Want to enjoy an afternoon weekend bonding with your loved ones? Head to the picnic area of Golfhill Gardens. There, you can have conversations and enjoy a BBQ session with your family.


Key Takeaway

These 9 Golfhill Garden amenities are waiting to upscale your lifestyle all year round. Whether you are a retiree, valued expat, student, young professional, or have a growing family, you’ll find more than enough reasons to move into this exclusive community by Megaworld Manila marked by luxury and relaxation.

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