Moving out of your old home can be both exciting and sad. The big move can make you feel sad because you have to part ways with the home you have been in; on the other hand, it is exciting because this is a new chapter of your life! You get to start in a new place and build new relationships with your neighbors. Let us guide you in moving out of your old home with some tips that can help you ease the process.



Make sure to plan your big move by taking measurements of your new condo home to ensure all your furniture and stuff would fit. With this in mind, you will be able to identify where your large items go and where you can organize your other stuff. If you can’t supervise the Big move-out, have a trusted friend or relative help you.



Ensure that all bills in your previous home are paid and settled before the move-out; This includes the water, electricity, cable, internet, and rent are all settled and cleared. It pays to have a good record with your previous landlord.


Consider updating the records of your new address in your kid’s school, on your work files, and in your IDs. Ensure that the address in your documents is updated — bank bills, cellphone bills, and utilities. Likewise, do not forget to let your family and friends know where they can send you welcome gifts for your new condo home.


Make sure to sort your stuff. Allow yourself to identify the things you want to keep, what to donate and what to throw away. Be able to part ways with things that are not useful for you anymore. If you have not used it for the past six (6) months, you might have no use for it in the future. This is the time to decide to give them away. Be ready to donate and throw appliances, clothes, books, and trinkets.


Since you are moving into a new condo home, it would be nice for you to keep only the good stuff you have, and don’t be sentimental about keeping everything. Take into consideration that a new home means new things for you to buy and rooms to decorate.


If you are moving to a bigger condo home, this only means that you can keep more of your old things. However, if you are moving to a smaller space, that only means less stuff to bring. Make that decision!



In actuality, being ready means having everything on hand. Have all the tools and supplies you will need to pack. Make a list of all the stuff you need to buy for packing everything in your old home. Your list should include cardboard boxes, trash bags, old newspapers, tools, putty, measuring tape, and cleaning supplies. Do not forget to buy zip lock bags to keep screws, nuts and bolts, cords, and other small items, and make sure to label them. These will make it easier for you to set up in your new condo home.


Also, be ready to clean out your fridge and your cupboards at least two (2) days before your big move. And be prepared to fix your essentials or your “First-Box-To-Open” when you get to your new condo home.



Packing can be emotional. Look on the bright side, a new condo home means new memories to make.

Do not forget to label all your boxes and have a master list of the contents of the box you have. Remember not to write what is inside the box on the boxes as it is prone to theft.


Now, you are ready! Enough reading, start packing! See you in your new condo home!