What are some tips to transform your condominium unit?

  1. Declutter
  2. Define your style
  3. Paint the walls
  4. Invest in multi-functional furniture
  5. Think in sections
  6. Make use of ambient lighting
  7. Be smart with accessories


Moving into a new household space, specifically in a condo, can be a daunting moment in one’s life. However, it can also be an exciting experience if the owner knows how to transform the condominium unit.

Whether it’s a simple decor adjustment or an overall renovation procedure, decorating condos can be challenging. This is especially true because there is limited space to work with. Thankfully, we’ve rounded us some simple tips on how to take your unit from plain to stylish!



One can argue that the simplest way to transform your condominium is to declutter. Doing so will not only maximize the space but will also promote a productive ambiance.

Decluttering is a pretty straightforward task. Simply find a box and throw in everything you deem unnecessary. In every household, there will be a surplus of unused items.

Look for stale items in the refrigerator and pantry. Like food, personal care products have expiry dates as well. Get rid of them. Think about whether you have clothes or books that you don’t use anymore. Consider donating them. Don’t forget to throw out appliances that are malfunctioning as well.


Define Your Style

Bedroom working corner decorated with laptop, white candles and

When it comes to transforming a unit, you need to have a specific style in mind. Are you planning to go for a Scandinavian or contemporary design? Or maybe you prefer something that has a classic or industrial vibe?

Whichever style you choose, you can start brainstorming and being creative! Browse through home magazines or online decor sites. This way, you will have a sense of idea on what decor items you want to incorporate.


Paint The Walls

Painting the walls is the most affordable way to make your unit come to life. A fresh coat of vibrant colors gives off a bold look. However, there is a good reason as to why interior designers love neutral colors.

In general, neutral colors are crisp and unsaturated. No matter what style you incorporate, neutral colors will blend in and compliment it.

Can’t seem to choose between vibrant and neutral colors? Combine both! For accent walls, try out rich colors like terracotta or turquoise. Then, paint the rest with neutral colors such as white, ivory, or beige. Doing so can do wonders for making your space look bigger.


Think in Sections

Consider each section in your condominium as a separate space. From the dining area, bedroom, and living room – make a list of the items you can buy for each one.

While it’s tempting to buy all kinds of furniture and appliances, it can result in overstuffing. Do not end up splurging on what won’t fit in the unit. Take the measurements and remember to buy only what you need!


Invest in Multi-Functional Furniture

White pillows and duvet on the blue bed.

Given the limited space, you can only bring in a few pieces of furniture. Consider investing in multi-functional pieces.

If you search in the market, some beds have clothing storages found underneath. This is perfect for eliminating the need for closets. Try opting for a projector instead of a large television set! Also, some sofas that can be turned into beds. Simply open it when you have guests over.


Make Use of Ambient Lighting

Just like any household, lighting plays a vital part in transforming the ambiance of a condominium as well.

Whether it’s a backlit bathroom mirror, a string of LED fairy lights on the headboard, or a standing lamp in the corner of the living room, it can make a big difference in making your unit feel cozy and warm.


Be Smart with Accessories

Wall for tv in living room, white walls.

There are plenty of accessories available on the market. Feel free to play and decorate using the pieces that stand out to you. The only rule is to think about space.

Try installing shelves that can hold up items. Add in scented candles, clear storage jars, or stylish bookends to make your shelves look aesthetic. Consider incorporating house plants to boost your interior.

Wood and marble-like accessories are perfect for making any room sophisticated. Meanwhile, metallic or mirrored pieces can reflect light and open up spaces.


Key Takeaway

If you’re wondering about how to transform your condominium unit, consider following the tips we shared. Remember that this task does not have to be daunting. However, it does require thinking about space and functionality.

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