What are some tips for renovating your condo?

  1. Check If You Are Doing A Major or Minor Renovation
  2. Know The Condo Administration’s Renovation Policies
  3. Hire Professionals For Major Renovations
  4. Consider Minor Renovations
  5. Consider Looking For A Temporary Place

Does your condominium look dull? Want to reinvigorate your space, but don’t know where to begin? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we provide several expert tips for renovating your condo.

Living in a condo offers many perks. For example, if you get to live in the top condos in the Philippines, you can enjoy premium amenities (e.g. fully-equipped gyms, opulent pools, luxurious lobbies, and stunning skyline views), secured living, and the benefits of living in a hotel or resort-like environment. But when you spend more time in your condo, chances are you’d want to make changes here and there.

Between trying to plan the budget and coming up with a design in mind, you also have to know the condo administration’s renovation rules. To help you go through with your condo renovation plans smoothly, keep in mind that renovating a condo can be challenging, so here are five tips. You too can quickly make your condo stylish with a little creativity and effort.

Check If You Are Doing A Major or Minor Renovation

First off, you need to check if you will be doing a major condo renovation or a minor one. Major renovations can mean knocking down walls, putting up partitions, replacing window frames, and changing entire floors. Minor renovations can mean simply putting tiles or a fresh coat of paint, changing the curtains, or placing new accessories and furniture.

It’s important to identify if you are doing a major or minor renovation to help in informing your neighbors. Condo renovations can be noisy. You need to consider that there might also be people coming in and out of your unit, as well as the chaos of construction materials being delivered to your place.

Telling your neighbors what to expect will make them more understanding when renovations are already underway.

Know The Condo Administration’s Renovation Policies

Know The Condo Administration’s Renovation Policies

One of the most important tips for renovating a condo is to ask about renovation policies. In the Philippines, every condominium has different renovation policies. Most of the time, you can’t change anything outside your unit. For other condos, you will need a work permit or need to hire a licensed professional to provide the administration office with architectural and engineering drawings. You may also be asked to provide payment and information on how many days the renovation will take.

So, head to your condo administration’s office and ask what can and cannot be done. If you are planning to add more lights, another air conditioning unit, or another electric plug, make sure to ask about the allowable electrical load per unit. Follow the policies to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

Hire Professionals For Major Renovations

Perhaps you think you can save more money by DIY-ing all the electrical, plumbing, and structural tasks. But unless you are skilled, you should leave these renovation tasks to professionals. You might end up doing more bad than good for your condo unit. Look for professionals that offer reasonable service prices, or if you have a tight budget, you can ask a skilled friend to do the work.

Consider Minor Renovations

Consider Minor Renovations

You might not realize it but minor renovations can give your condo unit a new overall look. For example, you can bring in some new plants. Indoor plants are known to improve mood, creativity, and productivity.

Change the positions of your furniture. You will be surprised to know how it can improve the look of your unit. Add some ambient lights to help you stay cozy at night. Add a new set of drapes, or let more natural lighting in. Declutter and invest in beautiful storage boxes to keep your unit organized. All these can give your space a revamped appearance.

Consider Looking For A Temporary Place

You might also want to consider looking for a temporary place if you’re planning a major renovation. This way, you and your loved ones won’t be distracted by any construction noise or mess the renovation will produce. Anything valuable in your unit should be secured before you leave.

Key Takeaway

If you’re planning to renovate your condo anytime soon, take note of the tips we’ve listed above. Condo living offers the best perks such as secured living, premium amenities, and more. And if you want to spruce up your unit, you can effectively do so with little effort.

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