Living in a condo home has lots of perks. Enjoy the benefits of top-of-the-line amenities, secured living, and a hotel or resort-like environment. There is only a downside, it is not easy to renovate when you are in this kind of neighborhood. Here is a guide to help you in renovating your condo home.


The first step is to identify if you will be doing a major or a minor renovation in your condo home. Major renovation means an overhaul of the flooring, knocking down walls, putting up partitions, adding lights and sockets, and replacing window frames. A minor renovation can cover applying a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper, electrical repair, carpentry, and accessorizing.


The decision has been made! Whichever type of renovation you choose; it is polite to let your neighbors know about this. Here are a few things you need to consider — There will be a lot of movement and noise coming from your unit. There will also be traffic of workers coming to and from your condo home. It will be a little chaotic in the hallway because of the construction materials coming to and from your place. You don’t need your neighbor’s approval. But being the good neighbor you are, the mere fact of you informing them of what to expect in the coming days will make them more understanding of the situation.


You might also consider finding a temporary place to stay while there is an ongoing renovation. You will need to move your furniture and belongings to accommodate the changes in your condo home. Think about the amount of dust, the smell of paint that will linger in the hallway, and the mess the renovation will create. All your personal belonging that is left in your condo home, should be secured to avoid losing your belongings, especially your valuables.

Please be reminded that living in a condominium has its limits. Changes should only be made to your unit. It is prohibited to change anything outside the building or outside the hallway. A permit from the admin office should be secured if you decide to do major renovations. They might ask you for an architectural sketch of the changes you will make. The admin office might also ask you for a list of the names of the workers with their identification cards to secure the permit. While you are in the admin office, do not forget to double-check the rules and regulations of the homeowners’ association to avoid unexpected problems in the future.


If you decide to do a minor renovation, here are a few things you can do. You can install more lighting in your condo home. You may also bring in bigger appliances or install an additional air conditioning unit. Just make sure to also check the allowable electrical load per unit. We wouldn’t want you to cause any electrical failure in the building. For additional inspiration, you can search the internet and architectural magazines on what you can do to upgrade your condo home.

Here are some of the easy fixes you can consider for your condo home:

  1. A fresh coat of paint or wallpaper on your rooms will bring in a new vibe. Just make sure this is cohesive and coordinated with the rest of your home. Neutral shades are the best way to go if you want a minimalist look. But if you are bold and adventurous, you may opt to try a different bold color or patterns and prints on your walls.
  2. You can also consider opening up the windows and letting in natural light.
  3. You may change the curtains to change the mood in a room.
  4. Put additional seating areas with side tables and coffee tables to create your own nook.
  5. You may also add dual-function furniture to serve as additional storage space.
  6. Another cheap and chic way to update your condo home, you may use accent pieces such as colored furniture to liven up a room.
  7. Add mirrors to enlarge a small room.
  8. A touch of greenery to bring the outdoors indoors is a cool and easy addition to a room.
  9. A plain wall can be decorated with picture frames or a large piece of art as your main focal point.
  10. For a pop of color, you may use colored beddings in the bedroom, colored pillows in the living room and colored wall hangings in the bathroom, and colored utensils in the kitchen.
  11. If flooring can’t be changed, rugs and carpet is the answer. Just make sure to choose the right design and color and design.
  12. Changing the door handles or upgrading to nice and chic handles and knobs on cabinets can serve as an accent to a room.
  13. If you are looking for a cashless worry-free makeover, just move or reorganize your furniture to change the aura the room gives.

There are so many ways that can be done to change the look and feel of your condo home. You can even indulge in small weekend projects to upgrade what you have and repurpose useless furniture. All it takes is some research and a little elbow grease.

I hope you were able to get inspiration from what I have mentioned. Your imagination is the limit of your next condo home project! We would love to see what you have done to renovate your home. Send us the photos or post your comments below!