What are things to do in Megaworld’s Westside City?

  1. Shop til you drop
  2. Embark on a gastronomic journey
  3. Improve your physique
  4. Relax
  5. Watch the Manila Bay sunset
  6. Take entertainment to the next level


Since the announcement of its launch, people have been curious about the things to do in Megaworld’s Westside City. As the best condo developers in the Philippines, Megaworld Corporation’s master-planned the next big thing in the booming Entertainment City of Paranaque.

Westside City creates a new level of excitement for businessmen, leisure-seekers, adventurers, and go-getters. The 31-hectare township encapsulates a community where residents can have the best of leisure, entertainment, and business all in one place. It fits the fast-paced and cosmopolitan lifestyle, but it also offers the ultimate benefit of relaxation and convenience.

There’s no doubt that this is one of the best residential properties in the country. So, we’re here to tell you all about the things you can do in this upscale urban haven. Continue reading to learn more!


Shop till You Drop

Shop till You Drop

We’ve got a treat for you, shopaholics! The Westside City is here to cater to all your shopping spree needs. It was strategically located to be near numerous retail malls.

From clothing, health and beauty products, electronics, groceries, to even service stores — you’ll never have a problem availing anything. If you want to splurge, some of the most luxurious international brands have stores within the area as well.

If you reside in one of the cluster condominiums of Westside City, Gentry Manor, you can simply head to the ground floor and take delight in the condo’s prestigious retail shops. Simply put, the township is you’ll have a shopping haven within reach.


Embark On a Gastronomic Journey

After a whole day of working or studying, coming home to a delicious meal will always be a good idea. Whether you’re a foodie or just want to eat good food every day, there is a myriad of mouth-watering restaurants nearby.

Do you want to try Italian, Korean, or Chinese cuisine? Perhaps you want to satisfy your seafood cravings? Living in Westside City means you’ll be located near Manila’s Dampa scene. Or maybe you want to save money and cook that scrumptious recipe yourself? You can head to groceries as well. In this township, there is no shortage of food choices.

Whether you want a certain cuisine, an appetizer, or even dessert, you can find them all in the Westside City.


Improve Your Physique

Women sit back and relax after exercise. There is a water bottle

There is a cluster of condominiums in the Westside City ready for your residential needs. This includes Gentry Manor.

Condominiums are expected to have in-house amenities. However, the condominiums found in this township aims to upscale the lifestyle of its residents. Alongside the abundant amenities offered, you can improve your physique.

Each condominium has full-equipped gyms waiting for you to lace-up and sweat off those calories. Furthermore, there are sprawling outdoor pools where you can swim laps. If you plan on leading an active lifestyle, Westside City is perfect for you.



The everyday hustle and bustle of this fast-paced world can end up overwhelming anyone. Naturally, you would want to reside in a place where you can have peace of mind after a long day. Then, you’d be glad to know that Megaworld developers designed Westside City to cater to the relaxation of residents.

Try walking around beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the township and experience tranquility at its finest.

For others, they would need to travel far and wide just to find the perfect place to unwind. But at Westside City, the township comes with innate perks.


Watch The Manila Bay Sunset

manila bay sunset

Find inspiration just outside your condominium balcony. Sip on a glass of wine while basking on one of the best sunsets in the Metro. Watch as the harmony of colors paints the sky at dusk of Manila Bay.


Take Entertainment to The Next Level

Westside City is a highly attractive residence choice for people who want varied options for entertainment sources. Just a few blocks away are cinemas, a 1740-seated theater, 5-star hotels that house casinos and night-clubs, and even an amusement park. If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, this township is the target destination.


Key Takeaway

Here are the six things to do in Megaworld’s Westside City. Rest assured you will never experience boredom. All Megaworld projects are designed to upscale the lifestyle of its residents. Taking inspiration from the best architectural designs and world-class amenities, each condominium unit found here is at the peak of convenient and luxurious urban living.

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