An exciting experience to one of the best condo homes in Manila

Gentry Manor is rising in Westside City, Bay Area. This is one of the much-awaited residential condo homes in this Megaworld Township. It is a 4-tower 18-story building located along New Seaside Drive.  The once empty land of Westside City is now slowly taking shape and is forming the soon-to-be Entertainment City of the country.

Upon entering the premises of the construction site of Gentry Manor, I was in awe at how fast it is being built. Given that we were in a pandemic in the past years. This changed the horizon in this area. I was excited to see for myself how the edifice of this condo home is taking its shape.

While walking in the vicinity and on the ground floor, you will be whipped by the cool ocean air that comes from Manila Bay. When we went up the lift to reach the 5th floor, the amazing view welcomed us from the balcony of each unit we visited.

I have imagined the families that will live in these units as they enjoy the view and the cool breeze on their balconies. We visited the unit facing a well knows resort and casino, and beyond that, you will see the beautiful Manila Bay peeking from behind the buildings. There is not much noise from the streets. The calmness of the breeze and the view will take you away from the feeling of being in the city.

The amenities on the said floor are slowly taking shape. You can almost see where the amazingly huge pool is situated. I can imagine the children playing by the pool deck and those relishing the pool lounge. The trees and plants that will be planted in the area will make the experience better and will surely relieve the stress from a day’s work.

The area for the function room, daycare and fitness center are almost visible. They will have a nice view from the pool area. The function room is a beautiful venue where parties and family gatherings will take place. A trip to the gym is not so hard anymore because of the view you get to enjoy while staying fit and fab.

When we reached a higher floor, The hallways are spacious. I can imagine it is well-lit and clean upon turnover and ready to welcome the new condo homeowners. The excitement continues as we enjoyed a better view from the balcony and window of each unit we visited. The units are very sizeable. It gives the feeling of excitement because of the memories that will be created in these condo homes.


I can’t wait for this to be ready for turnover. Let us wait a few more months to see the interior of this magnificent residential condo home completed. I can visualize the lives that will be lived inside these beautiful units.


The location and the view alone give the feeling of life and luxury at its finest. I look forward to my next visit to Gentry Manor only here in Westside City. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the perks of living in Westside City.