What are the safest cities in the Philippines?

  1. Ormoc City
  2. Davao City
  3. Makati City
  4. Manila City
  5. Baguio City

When it comes to choosing a place to live for you and your loved ones, safety should be one of the top factors you consider. It is crucial to look at the crime rate in the area. While no one can eliminate the risk of falling victim to crimes, knowing the crime statistics when looking for your new home will still go a long way when protecting your family. Many cities in the Philippines are deemed safe. In fact, according to a report by Numbeo, certain cities in the Philippines are among the 10 safest in the Southeast Asian region. In this article, we list down the safest cities in the Philippines to help you stay informed when buying a new home.

​​This guide is especially helpful if you want to live in a place where you do not fear whenever your children are playing outside. At the same time, if you don’t want to be in trouble with crimes like theft and burglary. You would be glad to know that condominiums are some of the safest property types in the Philippines. The best developers in the Philippines designed their projects with enhanced security features like 24/7 CCTVs and security guards doing their rounds. Continue reading on to find out which are the safest cities in the Philippines.

Ormoc City

Ormoc City

Located in the heart of Leyte, Ormoc City has one of the lowest monthly crime rates in the Philippines at 16.24 percent. There are only 134 crime incidents reported in the first quarter of 2018 according to the PNP’s Crime Research and Analysis Center. The local city police are said to work hard to ensure Ormoc maintains its drug-free status in order to attract more tourists and investments. In Ormoc, people are also not afraid to walk along the streets during daylight and at night.

If you or your loved ones are the types to take strolls around after work or school, then choosing Ormoc City as your address may be ideal.

Davao City

Located on the Southern Philippine island of Mindanao, Davao City is also one of the safest cities in the Philippines. Dubbed the King City of the South, Davao also took the second spot on Numbeo’s list of safest cities in Southeast Asia. According to Numbeo, Davao has a safety index rate of 72.50. In addition, the city’s crime index rate is 27.50. The Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) chief of Davao City attributed these rates to the “good leadership” of local chief executives, the support of Davaoeño constituents, and strict monitoring of safety and security clusters.

Back in 2018, Davao City also received the Safe Haven Award for its programs in improving public safety and domestic security and combatting the threats of terrorism and other high-profile forms of crimes.

Makati City

Makati City is dubbed the financial hub of the Philippines. The city of Makati is heavily urbanized and is filled with skyscrapers, businesses, hotels, and high-end shopping malls. There are also plenty of residential options in Makati — from big single-detached homes to high-rise condominiums units such as those in Salcedo Skysuites. Because of the vast presence of all types of properties, law enforcement is stringent in Makati.

Crimes such as armed robbery and assault are said to be low in the locale. There are also stringent traffic regulations in Makati, which is why families will find it safe to walk along the dedicated pedestrian lanes of the city.

Numbeo listed Makati City the fourth safest city in Southeast Asia, with a safety index rate of 59.48. The local government recognized that the efforts of the Bureau of Fire Protection and Philippine National Police are keeping Makati safe. The safety of Makati allows businesses to grow more prosperously as well.

Manila City

Many may be surprised that Manila made it to this list of the safest cities in the Philippines. However, the capital city of the Philippines is still home to numerous secure areas like malls, business districts, executive villages, and high-end condominiums. When it comes to living in Manila City, the key is to choose the right place. Take the Kingsquare Residential Suites for example. This condominium located in San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park is equipped with features like a security command center for 24-hour monitoring of all building facilities, a video-phone communication system connecting all units to the reception/security counter, and CCTV cameras. All of these ensure the safety of residents better.

Baguio City

Baguio City

According to Numbeo, Baguio City has a crime index rate of 40.57 and a safety index rate of 59.43. It is the sixth safest city in the Philippines for a good reason. It has always been a collaborative effort between the local police and citizens when it comes to fighting crime in Baguio City. This has made policing easier in the area. There are also disciple law enforcers in Baguio that create safety measures and enforce safety programs.

Key Takeaway

Safety should always be a top consideration when it comes to choosing your next address. In this article, we’ve listed the safest cities in the Philippines. The next time you check a property in the Philippines, make sure to gauge the vicinity’s safety as well to protect your loved ones.