What are the reasons to own a Megaworld unit today?

  1. Strategic location
  2. High investment value
  3. Lifetime use of premium amenities
  4. Hassle-free maintenance
  5. A wide variety of unit options
  6. Safety and security


While most people dream of a house and lot in a suburban village, others are quick to recognize the advantages of owning a condo. As the best condo developer in the Philippines, Megaworld Manila offers residents the ultimate edge of upscale living. With that being said, you might be interested in the reasons to own a Megaworld unit today.

Condo living provides unparalleled benefits. Here are 6 reasons why owning a Megaworld unit should be at the top of your list!


Strategic Location

Strategic Location

Before a Megaworld project is built, it should first meet the requirements of the live-work-play-learn-shop lifestyle. The ground-breaking concept was first introduced in the Philippines by Megaworld founder, Andrew Tan.

If you own a unit with us, you’ll be glad to be near workplaces, health care establishments, entertainment facilities, shopping malls, and educational institutions. In addition, major highways and different modes of transportation will be accessible.

Let’s admit it. The traffic situation in the country is a daily challenge. As a consequence, the living conditions of each individual becomes affected. The idea of eliminating long travel times and having everything you need within easy reach is what makes Megaworld condominiums highly attractive.

Having a unit here is one of the best decisions you can make, considering its impact on your lifestyle. Whether you choose to reside in the One Uptown Residence, St. Moritz, or Gentry Manor, you will reap the advantages of the strategic location.


High Investment Value

Given that Megaworld developers meticulously plan, all projects are built with nothing less than superior quality. With that, every unit has a high investment value.

Regardless of local market conditions, it maintains its value. This makes it a less risky investment option over stocks and bonds.

As shelter is a basic human need, you can easily acquire a passive income stream from your unit if you wish to. Simply advertise it and welcome tenants. Depending on the contract, you can earn a stable amount of money on a monthly basis.

Unlike the annual lease on traditional homes, you can charge more since tenants are willing to pay for the comfort and convenience of condo living.


Lifetime Use of Premium Amenities

Lifetime Use of Premium Amenities

While it’s true that most condominiums have in-house amenities, Megaworld exceeds expectations by offering to redefine living.

Residents can enjoy premium amenities. Apart from the basic security features, you can enjoy first-class and innovative amenities.

Take a dip in lap pools and bond on submerged pool decks with your guests. Work on your physique by exercising at fully-equipped gyms, playing games at the sports courts, or taking jogs on private paths.

Want to relax? Rejuvenate at saunas, spas, yoga, and Pilates centers. Read a book at the Sky and Zen gardens. If you happen to have a child, you can entrust them at the daycare or let them enjoy the interactive game rooms and playgrounds.

After a long day at work, you get to unwind without going further from the comfort of your home. The best part about it? You can enjoy these perks for the rest of your life. Get to live the life you have always dreamed of. After all, these amenities are built for your use.


Hassle-free Maintenance

One of the benefits of Megaworld unit ownership is that you are spared from the hassle of maintaining its facilities. Neither you nor your potential tenant is responsible for taking care of shared facilities like gardens, lobbies, parking areas, elevators, playgrounds, and pools.

When you live in a Megaworld project, your sole responsibility is to maintain your unit. That means you are offered hassle-free living.


A Wide Variety of Unit Options

A Wide Variety of Unit Options

Megaworld projects are designed to accommodate residents from all walks of life.

At the Golfhill Gardens, you are offered two-bedroom unit options perfect for large families. If you have a luxurious taste, the all-suite units in St. Moritz are waiting for you. Do you maybe want a unit with a balcony to watch the stunning Manila Bay sunsets? Invest in the Gentry Manor.

Whether you’re a student, a career-driving individual, a valued expat, or maybe plan on starting a family, you’ll have no problem finding a unit here that is tailored to fit your lifestyle.


Safety and Security

In the Philippines, the crime rate is undoubtedly among the top concerns of homeowners. Thankfully, owning Megaworld units guarantees safety and security, making them a great choice for those who work for long hours.

Each Megaworld project comes with 24/7 CCTV cameras, fire emergency systems, and security guards doing regular rounds. In addition, the presence of your surrounding neighbors will offer peace of mind that you can never put a price on.

Here, you’ll feel completely at ease knowing your home is protected.


Key Takeaway

The reasons to own a Megaworld unit today are truly unmatched. Don’t miss out on reaping all the benefits and improving your standard of living with us!

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