What are the reasons investors think it’s time to own a unit at Megaworld’s Kingsquare Residential Suites?

  1. It is a new residential haven in modern Manila
  2. A hotspot for shopping, dining, and leisure
  3. Near Manila’s university belt
  4. Guaranteed stream of leasing income
  5. Rapidly emerging economic hub with increasing investment value
  6. A myriad of unit choices
  7. Premium modern amenities
  8. Easy access to transportation hubs
  9. An ideal retirement community

2021 is the Year of the Ox, feng shui experts believe that the real estate industry has favorable energy strides. As many celebrants look to acquire new wealth, there is nothing but good fortune for “earth” or real estate industries. There is no denying that real estate properties are one of the safest and most valuable investments anyone can make. For this reason, we have rounded up some of the best reasons for investors to own Megaworld’s Kingsquare Residential Suites.

Soon to rise at the heart of San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park is a world-class tower from the best condo developers in the Philippines, Megaworld. Aside from the strategic location, Kingsquare Residential Suites offers more advantages to guarantee the best quality of life.

So if you’re finally ready to take a big step and invest this year, it is certain to give you the best returns. Read on because we have rounded up all its best qualities and why you should be adding it to your list of investments this year.


It Is a New Residential Haven in Modern Manila

Megaworld continues to master-plan properties in the residential haven of the country’s premier cities. With a strong desire to provide only the best condominiums, the Kingsquare Residential Suites is expected to rise at the San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park.

As a former 16-hectare horse racetrack by Manila Jockey Investments Corp., the site will be further developed to boost the economic activity in the area. MJC Investments Corp. (MJCIC) manages and operates Winford Manila Resort & Casino a stone’s throw away from the project. Currently the only luxury hotel, entertainment, and tourism hub in the Greater Chinatown area,

Kingsquare Residential Suites is one of many residential havens to be built in the San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park, offer an excellent option for home-seekers in Manila’s Chinatown area. Currently, this location is highly popular for the presence of large shopping centers, hotels, and a dynamic population that find comfort and ease in the proximity of essential establishments.

Situated in a place surrounded by numerous investment opportunities, Kingsqaure Residential Suites is the target address for students, families, career-driven professionals, expats, retirees, and even foreign and Chinese nationalities.


A Hotspot for Shopping, Dining, and Leisure

Shopper holding buyings

Condo homeowners in the Kingsquare Residential Suites can take delight in a variety of leisure and entertainment spaces. Its spacious ground level will be housing specialty shops, commercial establishments as well as convenience stores.  Staying true to Megaworld’s Live-Work-Play-Learn-Shop building concept, shopping centers are nearby as well.


Near Manila’s University Belt

If you are a student or have a student in the family, you’d be glad to know that Kingsquare Residential Suites is nearby the Manila University Belt, including renowned Chinese schools. These are some of the following:


Guaranteed Stream of Leasing Income

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When it comes to investing, you may choose to use the property as a stable stream of passive income. Gaining money is as easy as welcoming tenants that demand the living convenience offered by the area.

If you did not already know, the real estate properties in San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park have a staggering rate of 98% all year round with transient students moving in from other parts of the country. It is the perfect choice for dorms.


Rapidly Emerging Economic Hub with Increasing Investment Value

The San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park is a Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registered economic zone with an information technology component. 70% of the area’s total revenue is derived from clients abroad. It is developed to be conducive to foreign direct investments.

Numerous investors will seek to take advantage of the special economic zone. They will reap the perks of fiscal incentives like exemption from all national and local taxes. Both renowned local and multi-national companies from all sectors, may it be information technology, leisure, BPO, manufacturing, are expected to establishing their presence in the area.

The endless opportunities of major investments pouring into the location add value as an emerging economic hub enhanced by a surrounding business community. All these can only mean that the units in Kingsquare Residential Suites will experience a surge in value.


A Myriad of Unit Choices

A Myriad of Unit Choices

Kingsquare Residential Suites is conceptualized to cater to the needs of all kinds of people. For this reason, there is a myriad of unit choices waiting for residents to choose from.

This 19-story new condominium project offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units ranging from 29.00 square meters to 60.5 square meters. All the units come with a premium toilet and bath, a complete kitchen unit, a spacious sleeping den, and a balcony for viewing the stunning sunset views of Manila skylines.


Premium Modern Amenities

Kingsquare Residential Suites will be equipped with modern amenities and facilities primarily aimed to accommodate students and families. To mention some of these are:

Kingsquare Residential Suites provides quality accommodations, safer and convenient living conditions while having peace of mind in a tranquil and serene ecosystem fitted with modern facilities incomparable with other residences in the area.


Easy Access to Transportation Hubs


Kingsquare Residential Suites captures the ease of access to numerous destinations within the Metro and even nearby provinces through the transportation hubs within proximity.

For one, the Philippine National Railway and Manila Light Rail Transit are only a few walks away. There are stops for the Blumentritt and Tayuman Station. To add to that, the South Luzon Expressway and North Luzon Expressway is accessible through downtown Manila via Rizal Avenue (Radial Road 9) and Lacson Avenue (Circumferential Road 2).


An Ideal Retirement Community

Kingsquare Residential Suites is considered retiree-friendly not only because of the nearby essential establishments, but also its proximity to medical facilities such as the Chinese General Hospital, UST Hospital, and Metropolitan Medical Center.

Megaworld also prides itself on providing residents assistance in applying for the Special Residential Retirement Visa (SRRV) under the Philippine Retirement Authority.


Key Takeaway

There are numerous reasons for investors to own Megaworld’s Kingsquare Residential Suites. According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox.

As we all celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 12, let us be filled with positive thoughts and healthy living. No matter the obstacles we face for the coming year, the future is bright for those who invest wisely.

Megaworld has the most flexible investment options to provide you a hassle-free experience. Click here to get in touch with our team today!