What are the reasons to invest in real estate during the pandemic?

  1. Tangible Investment
  2. Passive Income
  3. Low-Interest Rates
  4. Cheaper Prices
  5. Stable Market Strength
  6. Time at Your Disposal


The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted everyone’s finances across the world. This is why people are trying to save their money as much as possible. Surprisingly enough, there are others who are rushing to buy properties right now. With that, you might be wondering about what are the reasons to invest in real estate during the pandemic.

While it’s understandable for you to be reluctant to jump into the market during these unprecedented times, we’ve rounded up the six reasons as to why this could be the smartest investment decision you’ll ever make.


Tangible Investment

Tangible Investment

Whether it’s a condominium or land, real estate properties are tangible investments with intrinsic values. Numerous risks can easily swing the value of other investments. For example, given the volatility of markets, your investments in stocks can easily dip to zero. This is unlike real estate properties that will never lose their value throughout the years.


Passive Income

Your current financial status won’t guarantee that you’ll be free from financial problems in the future. There are many unforeseen factors that can easily empty your bank account. A good way to prevent this is by investing in real estate.

Real estate remains a popular investment choice in the Philippines. People know that while there are numerous investment options, it will take a long period of time before generating significant income returns.

In real estate, it’s easy to generate long-term passive income and the ongoing pandemic will never change that fact.

The shelter is a basic human need which means it holds a higher demand value. If you simply buy a condominium, advertise it, and welcome tenants, it will garner continuous and huge profits.

Every month you’ll be receiving a stable income. If you’re lucky enough, you might even find tenants that will rent out your property for years!


Lower Interest Rates

Lower Interest Rates

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in low market activity. In an attempt to combat inflation and the economic slump, central banks drastically reduced interest rates. Markets all over the world have shifted quickly to the buyer’s favor.

Interest rates are responsible for impacting the cost of borrowing money. The lower the interest rates, the less cheap borrowing money is. Simply put, low-interest rates increase the buying power of people who are interested in real estate.

With the ease of loans, you have more flexibility in the budget. This means you can easily go for that property you always dreamed of!


Cheaper Prices

There’s no doubt that this crisis has led to people struggling to budget their money. Given that many are adjusting their lifestyles; real estate developers are selling their properties for a much cheaper price.

If you’re seeking to invest in elite properties like Megaworld Manila’s condominiums, you just might be offered great price deals!

As an investor, now more than ever is the time to take advantage of the benefits of low deal costs. Let’s not forget that flexible payment options make it easier to purchase real estate properties as well.


Stable Market Strength

Stable Market Strength

The current crisis has led to numerous industries experiencing a market slowdown.

The tourism, entertainment, and hospitality industries took a severe hit in their daily operations. However, the real estate industry has held its forte.

In the eyes of both investors and sellers, real estate properties remain a resilient choice of investment. This is because owning a property offers an unmatched sense of security. Even if the value depreciates, you will still have a physical asset.

History has long proven that if you invest in real estate, you gain a sense of security. The industry has always recovered from past economic bubbles.

Moreover, people are continuing to seek out the best homes to properly thrive in the new normal. The ongoing weakness in markets will be revived by consumer interest.


Time at Your Disposal

Now that health experts have strongly advised everyone to stay inside their homes, you arguably have more time on your hands now. You can make use of your time efficiently by analyzing the market and research thoroughly regarding real estate.

Once you have more knowledge about the sector, you can communicate with property sellers to negotiate on the best pricing.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to the reasons to invest in real estate during the pandemic, the six we’ve stated above are some of the silver linings in such an unprecedented time.

In the current crisis, carefully planning about finances should be at the forefront of people’s minds. Real estate offers the top solution for financial security and stability.

Just remember that when it comes to investing, the priority is to seek the best properties. At Megaworld Manila, our world-class projects are guaranteed to garner the best investment value.

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