Smart Home Features


Light Control

RF light switches are installed to control and monitor the use of lighting fixtures via the phone app. Applicable in living/dining area, bedrooms, & balconies


Motion sensor-controlled lights

Motion sensors are installed at T&Bs to automatically turn on the light upon entry.


Appliance control

IR transmitter/s are provided to link and control appliances operated by a remote e.g, TVs, Aircons, etc. with the smart home system. Applicable in living/dining area, & bedrooms.


Smart Home Deliverables

Smart home gateway (RF/IR controller), RF light switches, IR emitters, & Wi-Fi router.

Floor Plan

  • San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park, Winford Integrated Resort Complex

  • 18-storey

  • studio | 1br | 2br | 3br | with option to combine units |

  • 2,741 sqm

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