The new year brings about new resolutions, it is often a time to hit the reset button and start fresh. Fortunately, the year of the Water Rabbit 2023 is predicted to bring positive energy and good fortune.

According to a Feng Shui expert Mr. Johnson Chua, 2023 is an auspicious year to invest in Real Estate. The Earth and Metal elements will experience abundance in the year of Water Rabbit. Earth represents Real Estate/Property while Metal represents Construction / Development he added.


New Township Development at the heart of Modern Manila

Megaworld, the multi-awarded developer, is investing Php 15 billion to build a new integrated lifestyle community in the City of Manila. The three-hectare Winford Resort will feature a mix of residential condominiums, hotels, and commercial developments with a casino complex. The development will be inspired by ‘Old Manila’ with structural designs reminiscent of the pre-war era when the city was described as the Paris of the East.


One Crown Suites

The multi-awarded developer is also launching a new residential tower inside the 3-hectare Winford Resort Integrated Complex. One Crown Suites is a luxury residential development in the heart of Manila, offering close accessibility to Manila’s University Belt, Chinese schools, popular hospitals, and major transport hubs – ideal for students, doctors, and young professionals.

A ‘Smarter’ way to live in the City of Manila

Manila’s First Smart Home Condominium

Get access to a home fully equipped with a SMART Home system that offers smart solutions in terms of comfort, safety, and control. Each unit features a full home automation system, activated via a smart home display panel at the entrance and through a mobile application.


A co-working space for professionals like you!

One Crown Suites elevates the standard and comfort of modern living as it fits the demands of goal-getters and professionals. The property features a co-working space that is conducive and way less corporate for dynamic professionals just like you! A work-home setup that allows you to get work done, network, and participate in spontaneous business discussions.


Featured Amenities

Owning a condo is more than just having the unit itself—it’s also having access to various amenities that suit your lifestyle needs.

The luxury property development features amenities for a modern condo-living experience such as:

Outdoor Amenities:


Indoor Amenities

We are all about creating advantages to suit your needs, surrounding you with everything you may possibly need to go about your daily routine, and making it easier for you to live, work, play and learn.

The ‘Year of the Water Rabbit’ offers a fresh start, and there’s no better way to do that than be in a place where you’ll look forward to coming home every day.