Megaworld, a prominent real estate developer received recognition for its unwavering dedication to excellent corporate governance at the prestigious 3G Global Good Governance Awards. Corporate governance is the cornerstone of Megaworld’s business concept, directing all aspect of company operations, not just a legal obligation. With respect to aligning with the interests of its stakeholders, Megaworld’s commitment to promoting accountability, openness, and ethical practices is reaffirmed by this award.

With a long 35-year history, Megaworld has continuously shown that it is committed to ethical business practices, establishing standards for corporate governance in the sector. These values, which are deeply ingrained in Megaworld’s corporate culture, promote long-term value generation, foster stakeholder confidence, and accelerate sustainable growth. As Megaworld commemorates this historic accomplishment, it serves as a lighthouse of inspiration, demonstrating the significant influence that sound governance has on both organizational performance and social well-being.

Megaworld has demonstrated its leadership in the real estate industry and commitment to having a good social effect through its triumph at the 3G Global Good Governance Awards. Megaworld is devoted to promoting innovation, sustainability, and equitable growth going ahead, working to create a future characterized by excellence and long-term success.


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