What are the condominiums in Manila that offer modern living?

  1. Gentry Manor
  2. One Eastwood Avenue


It is understandable to feel anxious about choosing a condominium to reside in since there is a wide array of options to choose from in the Philippines. If you’re searching for the best condominium in this day and age, it is best to choose modern living in Metro Manila in these condominiums. Why? These kinds of condominiums are strategically planned. They don’t only look good as new, but these have a blend of historic elements and the attention to the current lifestyle trends.

Times are changing, and your choices should cater to homes that are up to date. Also, we’re sure that you want nothing but the best when it comes to security and safety. Rest assured that modern living condominiums can have you adapt quickly, conveniently, and efficiently throughout challenging times such as pandemics, emergencies, and calamities. Lastly, if you intend to use condominiums as an added pipeline for income, preferring a modern home will provide you with more opportunities for tenants and give you a competitive edge.

And when it comes to developers, there’s no better one to choose than the country’s most dependable and leading developer of integrated townships – Megaworld. Read below to take a look at the best condominiums in Manila that Megaworld can provide for serene modern living:


Gentry Manor

Gentry Manor

Gentry Manor by Megaworld is another great project that homeowners should consider. Because when it comes to all things modern, this development surely has it all for you. It consists of all things luxury. Amenities, convenience, security, and entertainment! This lavishing neighborhood in Paranaque City will leave you and your family untroubled for the rest of your lives.

For one, it is surrounded by business hubs and international companies. Staying on top of your career while making time for your loved ones will be of no problem to you. For schools and universities, some of the best in the city are located just a few minutes away such as Marymount Academy, Paranaque National High School, European International School, and more! For healthcare, emergencies, and medical needs? Tons of hospitals are just a few blocks ahead. No fuss, and no traffic.

Here, you and your family will like that you are staying at a five-star hotel with all its finest features and nearby accommodations. You’ll be offered unlimited possibilities through amenities! You are offered a swimming pool, sunbathing areas, landscaped gardens, and a fully equipped fitness gym. It is truly upscale living!

Another excellent factor about pre-selling condominiums is its cheaper prices, flexible payment schemes, and the promising investment. The low introductory prices are far lower than a furnished unit! Some amounts can be payable for years. This way, you get to reap all of these amazing benefits for an affordable price! Currently, this project’s construction is in full-swing.


One Eastwood Avenue

Looking for a modern condominium in the North? Consider One Eastwood Avenue. Development in the area is constant! We will continue to stay on top of everything. You won’t ever have to worry about the inconvenience.

You live right inside Eastwood City! Necessities are right at your doorstep. You are welcome with a lifestyle mall right outside. It has everything – a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and tons of retail stores.

Whether you’re a young professional or a budding entrepreneur, you will surely thrive here. Quezon City is the home of the top media networks, IT centers, prominent companies, local and international businesses. Some of the country’s top-notch universities such as the University of The Philippines and Ateneo de Manila University are also located here. Your children will be able to stay on top of their education at all times!

Also, the units offered in One Eastwood Avenue are one of the largest you’ll ever find in the industry. You are offered 24.2-37 square meters in just a studio space! Multi-bedroom units are also available.


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for the best living situation for you and your family, pre-selling modern living condominiums in Metro Manila by Megaworld has it for you. Looking to invest in any of the condominiums we stated above? For a more detailed list, browse through our website. Or inquire now by clicking here!