During this time of global crisis, where many lives are at stake, frontliners are ensuring our safety and guarding us. They are the ones who took the risk and sacrificed their lives with family just to tend to the needs of citizens. They wake up every day and fight to prevent the spread of the infection. With that, Megaworld Manila salutes all frontliners.


Novel Coronavirus Disease

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered strain of coronavirus. The disease was unknown until the outbreak that started in Wuhan, China back in December 2019.

Since the first reported case of COVID-19 in the Philippines, the cases have been rising and communities have been grappling to combat the infection.

On March 16 2020, the Philippine government mandated for Metro Manila to be placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). This was later extended to cover the entire Luzon archipelago and other regions with higher rates of cases.

The strict lockdown forced thousands of Filipinos to shut down their businesses and a great number lost their jobs. Both domestic and international travel was restricted. The general public is limited to staying at home. Only one family member is allowed to leave the house to buy essential goods.

Wearing a face mask, maintaining social distancing, and sanitizing our hands properly became the only fighting chances of people.


Resilience and Response

Medical staff do COVID-19 testing

As the COVID-19 continues to strike the nation, the citizens are rising to combat it. In the midst of this fight, the ones at the forefront against the coronavirus are our healthcare workers and frontline workers.

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus is highly contagious and even fatal. As frontliners work directly with COVID-19 positive patients, they are placed at greater risk. Due to their first-hand exposure, they need sanitization tools, masks, and personal protective equipment (PPEs) to protect themselves.

We are inspired by the resilience and willing response of frontline workers across the country. They wake up every day with a plea of, “We fight for you. Please, stay at home for us.”

The lack of medical supplies and protective gear has not hindered their fighting spirit. Frontliners come together, despite limited resources and outnumbered manpower. They continue to prove their dedication to saving lives.


Overwhelmed Healthcare Systems

To say that the pandemic has disrupted people’s lifestyles in the Philippines is an understatement. It has caused thousands of lives, destroyed global markets, challenged leaders to respond, instilled fear, and overwhelmed healthcare systems.

When it comes to fighting the good fight, it is inevitable for the best to be cut down. In this unprecedented war, both the public and private healthcare workers have joined hands to hold the line.

They are giving their very lives to treat citizens even though they know the risk of getting infected. Unfortunately, more and more frontline medical staff have started to fall.

Fighting against COVID-19 is not easy. Above all, it requires courage, dedication, and grit. This is why we recognize the great heroic acts of frontliners.

Frontliners wake up on a daily basis while thinking of other people before themselves. Megaworld Manila salutes them for doing what needs to be done for the great good.


We Heal as One

Asian elderly woman patient in hospital

The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) is our best attempt to flatten the curve of the coronavirus disease. As the uncertainties continue to loom, the Philippines continues to heal as one.

Indeed, the pandemic is causing difficulties for everyone. This is especially applicable to the underprivileged and frontliners. Despite these difficulties, one thing is certain and that is the Bayanihan spirit is alive in us Filipinos.


Bayanihan Efforts of Megaworld Manila

At Megaworld Manila, we make sure we do our part in avoiding the spread of the coronavirus. All our townships and properties enforce the necessary health protocols such as wearing masks, sanitizing hands regularly, temperature checking, contact tracing surveys, and maintaining social distancing.

Amid this pandemic, with strong support from our leaders, Megaworld Manila was quick to respond to help frontliners and keep people safe. Mr. Andrew Tan, Megaworld Manila’s Chairman of the Board has donated P60 million to the Philippine Red Cross to set up COVID-19 testing laboratories in Metro Manila.

Megaworld Manila Lifestyle Malls also assisted essential establishments such as pharmacies, supermarkets, clinics, and banks with regard to in-store sanitation.

Megaworld Manila also provided food assistance to healthcare and medical personnel in various hospitals around the metro. More than 1,000 food packs and water have been distributed.

We have deployed buses to provide free daily transportation services to healthcare personnel as well. In coordination with the Department of Transportation, we were able to help around 120 healthcare frontliners.

In the Visayas, Megaworld Manila donated disinfectant alcohol and surgical masks for healthcare centers.


Key Takeaway

During this crisis, each one of us is being called upon to heed to civic duty. Let us take the time to remind ourselves what our frontliners are doing. They exert sacrifices to protect all of us.

We are happy to support our modern-day heroes during this time of need. Megaworld Manila salutes all frontliners! We honor your dedication to serving all our countrymen during this time of need.