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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!



The Finance Specialist will report to both the MMG Finance Manager and Sales Head. The chosen Finance Specialist will assist in any or all of the facets of Finance including but not limited to: Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Budgeting and ecasting, Expense Management, Cash Management, Taxes, Internal Audits, Cost Accounting, Fixed Assets Accounting. This position is also responsible for reconciliation and/or submission of financial reports, and other general accounting responsibilities for each individual investor of Megaworld Manila.




  • Must be able to communicate in basic Fukien, and/or minimal Mandarin language;
  • A minimum of two years relevant experience in an administration role with a finance focus;
  • Experience in the use of Finance systems and software including experience with data entry, data checking;
  • Demonstrate computer literacy in operating Microsoft Excel, Word, presentation and database computer programs;
  • High level of written and oral business communication including the ability to liaise, negotiate and consult with a broad range of Chines stakeholders and clients;
  • Ability to work under pressure and within specific deadlines;
  • Excellent attention to detail.




  • Creating reliable financial reports and collecting payments on time
  • Keep accurate records for all daily transactions
  • Prepare balance sheets and process invoices
  • Record accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Update internal systems with financial data
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports
  • Assist with budget preparation and other tasks


POSITION LEVEL: Specialist to Supervisory Level

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