How can you earn passive income from Gentry Manor?

  1. Rent out or lease your unit
  2. Rent out your parking space
  3. Make improvements in your unit
  4. List your unit on Airbnb


Passive income refers to income that requires minimal effort to earn. During these unprecedented times plagued by a health crisis, many people are undoubtedly looking for ways to earn passive income. Many people seem to realize monetizing condos is one of the best ways to earn passive income. In this guide, we’ve rounded up ways on how to earn passive income from Gentry Manor.

As one of the top condos in the Philippines, Gentry Manor is a 31-hectare real estate property set to rise in the booming Westside City in Paranaque. Surrounded by the country’s biggest malls, 5-star hotels, and the stunning Manila Bay, the township has triple-clustered towers that are poised to become the Broadway of Asia.

So how exactly can you earn passive income from your Gentry Manor condo? Read on to learn more.


Rent or Lease Out Your Condo

Investing in a real estate property is one of the best and most popular ways to earn passive income today. The best thing about this kind of investment is that it is guaranteed to appreciate in value over time. Just remember to choose a strategically located property that has a wide market. Make sure the property will create income for you. Study the location and check the amenities offered. It should be enticing enough for your prospective tenant to rent it out.

You don’t have to ask how to earn passive income from Gentry Manor because one of the best condo developers in the Philippines, Megaworld Manila, specifically designed the township to garner high investment value through rental. Gentry Manor is a hotspot for high rental occupancy with students, expats, local employees, and tourists constantly looking for property accommodations that meet their needs.

Even after the pandemic, tenants will look for accommodations. Condos undoubtedly presents the best living advantages. This means the Gentry Manor has a standout edge. It is backed by a strategic location, world-class amenities, convenient and luxurious lifestyle offering, high-end unit options, and flexible pre-selling payment schemes. Students with hectic school schedules and various social engagements who need a comfortable and accessible home nearby the Manila University Belt is your market. The working population who values proximity to workplaces across the Metro and who is looking for convenient amenities, such as gyms, pool areas, and parking, is your market as well.

Renting out or leasing your Gentry Manor unit is clearly a smart choice that will provide passive earnings. All you have to do is to maximize your passive income by renting it out properly.

At this point, you might be thinking about where to get capital to buy and rent out a Gentry Manor condo. There’s a simple way called leverage, wherein you purchase a unit with a relatively small amount of money. Keep in mind that if you own a unit with a 5% to 10% down payment, its value is bound to go up. Once you place a down payment, you can choose to have your unit rented out. Earn extra cash every month with a property under your name through a long-term lease contract. This means that your lease contract is for a minimum of one year. The rental fee you receive can be used for monthly amortizations or you can increase the rent to cover all the expenses including maintenance and taxes.


Rent Out Your Parking Space

Rent or Lease Out Your Condo

As you would expect from one of the top condos in the Philippines, Gentry Manor offers condo units that have options for parking spaces. Parking spaces in Gentry Manor have separate titles from the unit itself. If you choose to have one, you can easily earn passive income by renting out your parking space.

The best thing about this is, if your current tenant does not have a vehicle or does not need parking, you can rent out your parking space to those living in the condo. You might be surprised how many people don’t have their own parking but need one.


Make Improvements in Your Unit

In connection to renting out your unit, you might want to remember that real estate properties can increase in value by making improvements.

At Gentry Manor, the units are turned over fully fitted. However, renovating and furnishing your new condominium unit according to your target market’s needs and preferences will make the unit more attractive. In turn, it’s easier for you to earn more passive income.

Of course, a semi-furnished condominium unit has a bigger renting price than unfurnished units. It is also easier to find tenants for fully-furnished condos especially if you are targeting high-income tenants and expats, or those who don’t want to be inconvenienced with furniture and appliance buying. Maintain your unit and make sure everything is repaired to increase its value.


List Your Unit on Airbnb

List Your Unit on Airbnb

Much like renting your home to monthly tenants, being an Airbnb host is a lucrative move that can help you earn passive income. Airbnb is a global online marketplace that connects people who are looking for accommodations to rental places.

The Philippine tourism industry is gifted with stretches of pristine white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, natural wonders like caves and underground rivers, diving spots rich in biodiversity, delicious cuisine, and vibrant festivals. As the country’s tourism industry continues to grow, listing your Gentry Manor on Airbnb will easily generate passive income. The Gentry Manor is an ideal rental option for tenants because it is nearby the NAIA Airport, 5-star hotels and casinos, and the biggest malls.

If your unit is maintained, full-equipped, and advertised properly, you can have your unit fully booked all through the year.

The best part is, if you need your unit suddenly, you can block the dates from Airbnb and still have the flexibility to rent out your unit afterward.


Key Takeaway

By learning how to earn passive income from a Gentry Manor unit, you’re turning a fixed asset into something lucrative. With all the passive income ideas available to you, you can earn through your Gentry Manor condo and experience how rewarding this kind of investment truly is.

This high-end property is currently in its pre-selling period. Reap its best advantages today! If you want to learn more about Gentry Manor, get in touch with the Megaworld Manila customer service team by clicking here.