Which condominiums should expats invest in for retirement?

  1. Gentry Manor
  2. Noble Place
  3. Kingsquare Residence

There are many benefits to retiring in the Philippines for expats. In fact, the country has been ranked as one of the top retirement destinations in the world. We know that planning for this retirement move requires months of arrangement and one of the biggest and crucial choices you will need to make is your location. Remember, this is a property where you will be placing your hard-earned money. So today, we’re here to tell you why a condominium investment for expats will be your next best move!

Metro Manila is a place where all the things we need in life are within reach. It is a bustling area of businesses, countless dining options, and home to some of Megaworld’s most exquisite residences. What are the top factors you consider when you think about your future home? Is it the people around you? The overall vibe? Maybe you’re looking to start a family. Well, for whatever reasons you ascribe to, the following condominiums by Megaworld has certainly got you covered with a perfect balance of live, work, and play.


Gentry Manor

Gentry Manor

Some of the many notable reasons why Megaworld’s projects are the finest in Metro Manila is because of its creative, innovative, and luxurious amenities. The Gentry Manor is a condominium that goes above and beyond to exceed expectations. Located in the bustling city of Paranaque Westside City, is this 31-hectare integrated resort. It simply exudes luxury.

Firstly, you are provided with glamorous exclusive amenities such as a swimming pool, sunbathing areas, landscaped gardens, a fitness gym, and so much more! The Gentry Manor offers studios and 1 bedroom like no other as it is equipped with smart tech-ready spaces! You get to access and control your very own smart home appliances with an app that can be downloaded on your smartphones.

The luxury doesn’t stop there! The location of the Gentry Manor is also located right in the heart of Entertainment City. This means that you are steps away from high-end shopping and endless dining destinations. Enjoy the amenities and opulence from the hotels and casinos that are within a short stroll such as Westin Hotel, Okura Manila, Genting Grand, and Crockfords Tower.

When it comes to great comfort and extravagant living, this condominium by Megaworld Manila will be your best pick!


Noble Place

Noble Place

If you are looking to retire in the Philippines with your family, Manila may be your best bet. Location, security, and amenities are some of the top factors to consider when looking for a family-friendly condo. Manila is where you’ll find the major banks, shopping malls, schools, hotels, convenience stores in every corner. What more could you ask for?

Situated at the heart of Manila’s Chinatown, Megaworld’s Noble Place project is a 47-story luxury residential condominium. Stepping out of your spaces brings you everything you need!

Save yourselves the daily struggle, notorious traffic, and long travel times by living in an area where everything is just easily accessible. All modes of transportation are available in the area as well such as bus, train, cabs, jeepneys, and tricycles!

Additionally, you are offered units that range from a studio to 5 bedrooms! This gives you an opportunity to provide your family with their own personal spaces. The floor plans range from 40 to 195 square meters! And as you take a glimpse from the view of your room, you will see the magnificent and breathtaking views of Manila’s sunset, the Intramuros Golf Course, and Chinatown.

And it doesn’t stop there. Residents are provided with access to a roster of amenities such as a sky garden, infinity pool, a gym equipped with a sauna and spa, a game room, and a children’s playground!


Kingsquare Residence

Kingsquare Residence

Rich legacy and elegance meet at Kingsquare Residence, located at San Lazaro Manila — an excellent and versatile location in the Metropolis. If you want the perfect mix of urban living with a laidback atmosphere and a touch of fun and adventure, Manila has got you covered. It offers convenience for everyone and everyone!

As for education, there are quite a number of top-notch schools and universities that are accessible as the condominium is minutes away from Manila’s famed University Belt. As for health and wellness, you can ease your worries as well-equipped hospitals are nearby. The project also boasts one of its unique security system features like its video-phone communication system connecting the reception counter to all units. Manila is a great location for career-driven professionals as well! Getting around won’t have to be a problem because major transport hubs are nearby.

This project consists of 961 units ranging from studio (up to 31 square meters), one-bedroom (up to 46 square meters, and two bedrooms (up to 61 square meters), all of which are provided with their own balconies.

The Kingsquare Residence amenities include its adult pools, pool deck, a pool for the little ones, a playground, a study room, gyms, and many more! You can easily see how condominiums also provide a completely opulent lifestyle, even in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Experience twice the convenience.


Key Takeaway

With Megaworld’s projects around Metro Manila, amenities are abundant, security and safety are present, top-notch banks and main offices are sited, and there is a variety of entertainment for you and the family. Look no further because Megaworld’s projects all over Metro Manila have everything that an expat needs for retirement. If you are looking for a condominium investment for expats, you can check out the condos that we’ve mentioned above here!