Owning your future home is so easy and hassle-free!

We, at Megaworld Manila, will assist you in owning a condo home. From planning to choosing your unit and reserving and during the turnover, we are here to assist you. This is an assurance that you are getting the best value for your money! We are here to assist you in your condo home buying journey! With only 5 SIMPLE STEPS you can now own a condo home in Megaworld Manila. Let’s start!



You can choose from any of the available Megaworld condo homes as your investment. There are projects that are at their Pre-selling stage. There is also a vast portfolio of our Ready for Occupancy Projects located all over the country. There are also alternative investments, you can choose from. These are Condotels in Boracay and Cebu. To know more about these projects, you can visit our showroom anytime. There are dress-up units of our Pre-selling projects you can appreciate and see. You may visit us anytime.



In choosing a real estate investment, you should always consider some factors. The size of your family will determine the unit size you need. The location of the property is also important. This will determine the value of the investment you are ready to pay for in the coming years. You should also consider your future plans. Will you have the unit rented out or will you and your future family live there?


Proximity to major transport hubs and entertainment places as well as educational institutions. The amenities of the project are a major plus factor. You should be able to choose the unit with the best top-notch amenities for your investment.


Payment schemes and promos for your chosen project are a must. If there is an Open House, it is best to invest during this time. There are exclusive promos and discounts only available on that day. Ask about the easy payment terms or flexible payment terms available. Do not be shy to ask for more discounts. Ask. Ask. Ask. Do not have second thoughts about clarifying information that is not clear to you. Remember, this is a big investment. You should know everything.


Once you have made up your mind, make sure to prepare the requirements! You need to present your proof of identification such as government-issued identification cards. If married, be ready with the marriage documents. You have to provide specimen signatures for you and your spouse. Your Tax Identification Number or TIN should also be ready. You may provide it together with your Identification cards. We will be the ones to photocopy these for you.


Make sure you ask for the Investment Plan, unit layout, and floor plan layout of your chosen unit. Make sure to sign these and have your own copy for documentation purposes. There are two types of forms you need to fill out. These are the Buyer’s Information Sheet (BIS) and a Request for Reservation and Offer to Purchase Form (RROP). Make sure to sign all pages and be patient to write all the information needed. This is a lifelong investment for you and the future. Be patient!



To seal the deal, you need to pay the reservation fee. The reservation fee is deductible from the Total Contract Price (TCP). There are many ways to pay. You can opt for Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Bank transfer, or Online Transfer to reserve the unit. Visit our showroom to complete your reservation. In the showroom, you can transact safely.



As a responsible adult, you should have copies of all the documents you signed. You should check and double-check if all fields in the forms are correct and accurate. Ensure that you have an acknowledgment receipt for the amount you paid. The contact information of the Sales Manager or Property Specialist who assisted you. They are the ones who you can talk to anytime you need to ask something about your investment. Make sure to also have the name and number of the person who assisted you. You can also visit our showroom anytime if you have concerns about your investment.

Buying a Megaworld Manila condo home is really easy! Congratulations! You are now a Megaworld Condo Homeowner! We are Megaworld Manila, we have the heart to serve!