What are the benefits of urban living?

  1. Endless career opportunities
  2. Numerous top-notch education options
  3. Easier public transportation access
  4. A wide variety of properties with premium amenities to choose from
  5. Vast entertainment options
  6. More chances for socializing and networking
  7. Better medical facilities


Torn between moving to a busy city or a quiet town? Rural and urban living has always had varying appeals for different people. Both provide a sharp contrast in terms of the lifestyle offered. Nowadays, however, many people can’t miss out on the benefits of urban living. There is vibrancy, convenience, and endless possibilities that come with living in a fast-paced city.

Some of the common benefits of urban living are improved access to public transport, better high-paying job opportunities, and endless entertainment options. But naturally, before making the big move and buying a home in the big city, you will need to evaluate if urban living is truly right for you. Below we listed down more benefits of urban living to make a smarter home purchasing decision.  


Endless Career Opportunities

If you are a career-minded individual, urban living can be an essential choice for you. This is because major local and multinational businesses are typically headquartered in urban city centers. You won’t run out of choices when choosing a high-paying job that best suits the education you have received.

In the Philippines, employment opportunities have grown drastically in urban areas like Taguig and Manila. Several factors have contributed to this growth including a thriving economy, better education, and an increased flow of foreign direct investments. Let’s say you move to a condominium in Taguig like St. Mark Residences, you will benefit from being nearby major financial, technology, manufacturing, logistics, and BPO companies.

Indeed, urban living offers boundless career opportunities.


Numerous Top-Notch Education Options

Numerous Top-Notch Education Options

Whether you’re trying to earn a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or seeking a good school for your children — urban living presents numerous educational options for you. The top colleges and universities are typically located in city centers.

Let’s say you choose to move to the capital of the Philippines, Manila. There you will find the Manila University Belt which is the location of the top schools in the country like De La Salle University and the University of the Philippines Manila.


Easier Public Transportation Access

Even if you have a car for going around the city, urban living lets you benefit from easier public transportation access. You’ll find that taxi, train, and bus hubs are spread around the city. The costs for these transportation options are also lower than car-related expenditures, making urban living a more cost-effective and convenient option compared to rural areas that have limited public transportation.

In the Philippines, you can travel to and from work while riding a taxi, bus, jeepney, UV express, or train. And if public transportation is not your cup of tea, living in the city means having ride-hailing options as well. While you’re on the way to work you can conveniently read a book, listen to your favorite songs, or finish that report due for the day.


A Wide Variety of Properties with Premium Amenities to Choose From

A Wide Variety of Properties with Premium Amenities to Choose From

By definition, urban areas are highly-developed districts with plenty of infrastructures like residences, commercial buildings, bridges, and highways. This is why urban living lets you choose from a wide array of properties. You can easily find a home that matches your living needs.

If you want to move to urban centers while enjoying premium amenities, then you might want to go for a condominium unit. The top condos in the Philippines are known for offering residents attractive amenities like opulent swimming pools, fully equipped gyms, landscaped outdoor gardens, luxurious lobbies with retail shops, study rooms with Wi-Fi, game rooms, children’s playgrounds, top-notch security services, and daycare centers.


Vast Entertainment Options

From quiet cafes to loud nightclubs, hotels and casinos, and dramatic theaters, you won’t run out of things to do when you move to the big city. Urban living means having endless entertainment options and you will surely find something that will appeal to your interest. You can spend your weekends shopping in the biggest malls or dining in the top buffer restaurants with your friends and loved ones.


More Chances for Socializing and Networking

More Chances for Socializing and Networking

With millions of people living nearby each other, urban living offers more chances for socializing and networking. You can simply meet up with friends and loved ones in a nearby coffee shop or mall to eat a meal. If you’re new to the city, you’ll likely meet a group of like-minded locals that will show you around the place. It’s only a matter of getting involved in activities in the area. This way, urban living offers a chance to broaden your personal and professional connections.


Better Medical Facilities

When it comes to choosing a home, you will also have to prioritize how the area can meet your medical needs. Thankfully, urban living lets you have easy access to hospitals, clinics, medical diagnostic centers, and pharmacies. You can visit top-notch doctors to get treated for any diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle.


Key Takeaway

As you’ve read, there are plenty of urban living benefits. There’s a good reason why many people choose to move to the big city. The urban living benefits cover all aspects of life including health, entertainment, and career. It’s more convenient than living out in rural areas.

Hopefully, this guide helps you in making a smarter decision for choosing where to live. If you’re interested in moving to a city and a top condominium, check out Megaworld Manila projects by clicking here. As one of the best condo developers in the Philippines, we can ensure we have residential projects that will meet your living needs and more.