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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


When is the Best Time to Invest in Real Estate

June 11, 2018

I graduated from college. I found the right job for me. I can buy what I need. I can buy what I want. I can travel and see the world. What is next for me? These are the questions you might have right now. We recommend is to invest in your own home, your own place to stay. Where you can create memories and fill up your space with all the things you want. Let us help you determine when the best time to invest in real estate is.

First off, you should look into projects that are pre-selling. Because when condominiums are on its pre-selling stage, it is the best time to buy especially if you do not have an immediate need to move in. When a project is pre-selling, you definitely get a BIG-BIG discount on these properties. However, it will take time before you can live in it or before you can resell it.

Another tip you can look into. Did you know that you can get good deals every end of the month, especially during the end of the year. It is because this is the time when agents and realty offices are trying to reach their quota for the month or for the year. If you are willing to invest during this time, agents surely have good deals up their sleeves to offer you.

A good tip to consider; ‘BER’ months is the best time to buy. If during this time, you are ready to purchase your next home, you will surely get a good deal. This is the time of the year when people buy presents to their loved ones. This is also the time when real estate companies cook up good promos for their clients to avail their units.

Another good time to get a good deal is during an Open House. According to Google, an Open House is “an occasion when real estate offered for sale can be viewed by prospective buyers without an appointment.” This is when real estate companies make special promos or offer discounts to entice their clients to purchase units TODAY! Use this opportunity to look into the units you are eyeing on. This is the time to see the promos they offer. Discounts offered during the event normally run on limited time only, so make sure to be invited to these open houses.

For the not so good time to buy, it is during the summer. Why? The weather is too hot to go on a tripping and too hot to go around to canvas for the best deal. However, compared to rainy months, summer has more sales than during the rainy season. The rainy season will actually make you experience flood and stormy days. So better not go around looking for a new home during these months.

Here are additional 7 Tips to consider before buying a condo:

1. Budget – is the amount of money that will determine the property you choose and purchase thru terms such
as the down payment, cash payment or your monthly amortization.

2. The developer should be trusted like Megaworld

3. The location plays a big part in reselling your unit in the future. Megaworld offers projects in Manila City, Makati City, Taguig and Quezon City; these are some of the locations in Metro Manila you may consider.

4. Value Appreciation or the ROI – For example, for Noble Place here in Manila, project appreciation in the past year’s averages to 2% annually.

5. The amenities of the building – with Megaworld projects, you will surely have top-notch amenities to enjoy.

6. A property you will choose should have lots of plans for the future within the area where it is located. There should be continuous development. It is good for you to also consider Integrated Urban Townships such as what Megaworld build for our families in the city and in the provinces.

7. The location should be flood free and near all modes of transportation.

To sum it up, the demand of condominium here in The Philippines is steady all year round. If you have the resources and you are eyeing the property you want, today is the best time to invest. The economy is good. There are a lot of future developments ongoing around the country. The government is also all hands in supporting the country’s growth. We are on our way to make a mark in Asia. So don’t wait too long, it might be too late for you if you invest in real estate tomorrow. Don’t worry; your investment will surely give you high investment yield in the future.

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