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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


Manilas Parallel Living Maximizing Small Space

September 11, 2017

Living in a condominium with all your family in tow and with all the furniture and stuff you own can be a bit crammed. There may be things you don’t need but you brought. Or things that should have been donated and ended up in your new home. Here are some tips and tricks we suggest for you to keep your new home organized and spick and span.



You may opt to use smaller functional furniture than those bulky ones. Use those that are slimmer and can serve as storage. Like a center table with space to keep stuff underneath, or a side table with small cabinet or drawers that can be turned into storage. Use also cooler colors such as light colors and not the dark shades to make the place cozier. The best solution you can get, use shelves and start organizing. You may use storage boxes and baskets to organize all your trinkets, books, pens, art materials, and others.


PROBLEM : Small kitchen


A kitchen should be airy, spacious and has lots of storage. However, we can’t have all these all the time. We need to make use of all the storage we have. So again, storage is a solution you need to get your dream kitchen functioning. Make sure you utilize your cupboards and cabinets as well as the racks in your kitchen to keep things organized. Open storage or cabinets without doors is more seamless. Also, remove also any divisions that make your kitchen cramped and dark. Take down the walls dividing the kitchen and the dining area or living room to keep a seemingly flawless feel of the space. Make sure that there is also enough light entering the kitchen.

surface area

PROBLEM : Surface Area


Living in a condominium may give you limited space and storage. However, if you choose multipurpose functional pieces that can serve as a table and storage will help you solve your problem. It may be hard to look for pieces such as this. But a thorough research online will help or if you know someone who makes good furniture they might be able to help at a higher cost. Also, make sure you get rid of clutter and keep only what is needed and useful.

small bdroom

PROBLEM : Bulky stuffed small bedroom


The trick, find the center of the room and position the bed in that spot. The bed has to be centered because it will be the focal point of the room. It will bear all the weight and attention as you enter. Make sure to also use the walls for shelving and storage. Put bedside tables that also serve as additional surface area and storage. Storage under the bed is also advised.

I hope all these small tips and tricks will help you utilize available space in your condo. There may be lack of space and storage, but hey, look on the bright side! Condo living will give you the amenities and facilities a regular house won’t be able to give you. Enjoy these and maybe you will get more ideas on how to improve your home.