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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


Why You Should Put Your Money In Binondo, Manila

March 16, 2018

Binondo is the melting pot of people, business, culture, and traditions dating back to 1594. It has been the center of trade and business since then. Just imagine the diversity of products and cultural heritage you get to taste, see and feel when you live in this vibrant part of Manila.

Starting to invest and live in Binondo is a good choice. You get to own a property at a relatively low rate while this town is still being revitalized. Prospects of growth and development are very promising because of very good tourism, and business activities.

Living in Binondo, Manila is being in the center of everything. We are near other cities such as Makati, Quezon City, Pasay and train stations, bus stations which will bring you to other nearby provinces. Banks, Schools, Businesses, and Shopping Areas are in the area. Walking is actually recommended which is very good as it promotes good health. Binondo is a walkable town. Every place you need to go to is near where you live-work-play and learn.
When it comes to Return On Investment (ROI), you won’t have any problems. Binondo has the best rental demand in this part of Manila. Newly built condominium such as The Noble Place offers top-notch amenities which owners can enjoy. Luxury and convenient lifestyle are what you will adore. To top it off, Property value increases at a good rate annually so owning a piece of Manila would be a very good choice.

Looking at it as a whole, The Philippines is enjoying economic progress with the booming tourism industry. Investors can indeed put its trust in this country as it maintains its economic momentum and grew by 6.8% in 2016. Some of the contributors are the domestic consumption, low-interest rates, inflation rates, overseas remittances and higher disposable incomes.

All these are the best reasons for you to put your Trust and Investment in this vibrant town. We would love to show you around for you to enjoy Binondo, Manila. Come visit our showroom today at 4th Floor Lucky Chinatown Mall Annex A, Reigna Regente Street Binondo, Manila. You may call us or send us an SMS to +639158432462. Email us at we would love to hear from you. Our Facebook Page is Megaworld Manila Official here, you will see our promos.

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