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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


Philippines: It Is Time To Invest In This Remunerative Nation

March 16, 2018

Manila, Philippines has been Asia’s apple of the eye. This Pearl of the Orient has been rising above all adversities and economic turmoil that hit the nation.


It is also foreseen that there will be a long-term economic stability that will be felt around the country. A big part of this economic turnaround comes from the investors who believe in this administration and because of the president’s strong political will. It is whispered that this is the golden era of foreign and local investors to expand business and living opportunities in the Philippines. The country is also known to offer better investment policies compared to its other ASEAN neighbors thus, boosting profitability prospects for foreign and local investors. With all these coming in, there is an expected increase in the number of foreign buyers and renters.

Another reason for the continued growth the country comes from the anti-drug and anti-crime campaigns the government is implementing which results in the improving peace and order. It is helping the tourism industry to grow and more investors to come and see the gems this country has to offer. According to the Philippine Tourism inflow record for 2016, there is a recorded 8% increase of foreigners visiting the country in the last 5 years. That is around 6 million visitors in 2016.

The Philippines is now very appealing to more and more investors and individuals to be a part of the economic growth the country is at.  To cope with the influx of visitors wanting to invest, explore and live in The Philippines, there is a huge demand for living and office spaces. With this, developers are now filling up the backlog and creating mixed-use enclaves that will house the live-work-play-learn-shop lifestyle. Easy access and the convenience of everything being within reach is now the priority of these multi-billion companies developing the Philippine scene.

Living in Manila might be one of the setbacks these investors are looking at because of the law that prevents foreigners from owning land in The Philippines. BUT that is not a hindrance because there are laws that allow Non-Filipino investors to own condominium properties. Having Filipino partner is the answer to your business needs and/or living in the country.

Investors can also set up in Manila permanently by availing the Retirement Visa that will allow them to live-work-play-learn-shop. A worry-free and hassle-free home ownership and convenience of staying and putting up a business in the country can be availed by foreigners with the help of Megaworld Manila’s partnership with the Philippine Retirement Authority.

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