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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


Moving-Out Tips

March 19, 2018

Moving in to a new home is one of the exciting part of adulthood. Buying new furniture. Buying new appliances. Buying new things for our new home. Let us help you with some tips for moving in to your new home.


Make sure to plan your big move by taking measurements of your new home to make sure all your furniture and stuff would fit. This will also help you identify where your big items go and where you can store your other stuff.


Do not forget to settle all your bills before you move out. Make sure these are all paid to have a good record with your landlord. Be able to also update your school, work, utility bills, your family and friends of your new address.


Make sure you sort your stuff. Know what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away. Since you are moving into a new home it would be nice for you to keep only the good stuff you have and don’t be too sentimental in keeping everything. Remember, a new home means new stuff. For others, a bigger home means more places to keep new things and for some who will transfer to a smaller home, means less stuff for you to bring.


This means having everything on hand. Have all the tools and supplies you will need to pack. Make a list of all the stuff you need to buy for packing everything.

Clean out your fridge at least 2 days before your big move. And be ready with your essentials or your “First-Box-To-Open” when you get to your new home


Packing can be emotional. You need to part ways with the things you have no use for or for the stuff you have not used in the past 6 months and no plans of using in the future. Be ready to donate these stuff and throw away those that have no use at all.

Make sure to label all your boxes and have a master list of the boxes and its contents. Do not write the contents of the box on the box itself as it is prone to theft.

Now, enough reading and start packing!

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