Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!

Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!



March 19, 2018


Moving in to a new home is one of the exciting part of adulthood. Buying new furniture. Buying new appliances. Buying new things for our new home. Let us help you with some tips for moving in to your new home.



Keeping your home secure should be one of your priority. Make sure to put in locks and be ready with spare keys. Be able to check on your door locks and have the numbers of your locksmith handy.



At least 2 weeks before your big move, scout for utility providers in your area such as internet and cable. You may also need to go around the neighborhood to check out the nearest park, mall, grocery, laundry service, deli, coffee shop, hardware, craft store, flower shop and other stores you frequent.



Get yourself acquainted with your new surroundings and get to know your neighbors too. Knowing when the garbage collection day will also be helpful. Be familiar with the roads, alleys and walkways or bike paths you can use. Commuting routes will also be helpful for you to check out before you move in.



Before moving to your new place, take photos of the place bare and empty. Check the faucets and light switches, check the sinks and flush, fire alarms have new batteries if they are all working and in place. Check the doors, the knobs and handles, check the cabinets if they are all working well. Be ready with extra light bulbs, new hinges and new accessories for your new home.



If you are moving in a condominium or in a gated community, make sure to register as part of the association and check their rules and regulations. Knowing the people you can reach in case of utility emergency or if you have queries about the community, know who to approach.



It is indeed a big task to move in a new home and knowing a place you are not familiar with. Give it some time and you will be like the locals …. Soon! Congratulations on your Big Move!



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