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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


Manila Premiere Property Report

September 11, 2017

manila premiere property report

2016 Q2 UPDATE
October 18, 2016

It is said in an article from The Standard “PH real estate to grow in 2016”.

Being in the 10th month of 2016, it is conspicuous that the real estate in the country is booming “BIG TIME.” It is in its prime. You can see buildings rising like mushroom wherein small communities are being created out of unused lands and properties.

But why all these? Is there really a need to build…. Build…. And build? Is the market for all these horizontal developments really increasing?

The answer is…. YES! The booming economy and increase in the BPO sector is helping our real estate industry. Big Players of the estate sector has been exploring on low-cost housing for the middle class and for the yuppies, and investing on high-end luxury projects. More offices are also being built to accommodate all these coming investors and BPO companies in the country. BPO industry alone has already equaled and soon exceed the remittances sent by our OFWs.

Alongside all these so called “upgrades” in our surroundings, strengthening of US Dollar gives our OFWs the power to enjoy their hard earned money and get motivated to invest in real estate. Investors on the other hand have already eyed our country as their next project to build their offices.

According to Rick Santos, founder, Chairman and CEO of leading real estate advisor C.B Richard Ellis (CBRE) Philippines “We are very positive on the way things are going for the real estate market. The transformation of areas outside of the central business districts are continuously creating more investment opportunities.”