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Get To Know The Philippines

February 26, 2018
** Thank you, Google & Colliers, for the research and data provided in this article.

 The Philippine economy has been stable since the start of the current administration. The country is also booming with business, real estate and investors are in the country because they want to be a part of the country’s development. Foreigners are now attracted to how the Philippines have evolved. Let me share with you some facts about the country we all call “The Pearl of the Orient”, The Philippines.

Country Name: Philippines

Capital: Manila

Location: South East Asia

Climate: Tropical, with occasional tropical storms

Currency: Philippine Peso

Language: Tagalog or Filipino is the National Language; English is also widely spoken

Inhabitants: Filipinos or Pinoys

Population: 100.7 million (2015)

Islands: A collection of 7,641 islands – This gives the country 36,289 kilometers (22,549 mi) of coastline

Border: North – Taiwan; East – The Pacific Ocean; South – Indonesia & Malaysian Borneo; West – South China Sea


    • 3 of the top 10 largest shopping mall in the world are found in the Philippines—SM Megamall, SM North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia.
  • In 2014, According to TIME Magazine, The Philippines was crowned as the selfie capital of the planet.


  • Jeepney is the most popular way of getting around the Metro. Tricycles are the most popular way of getting around smaller towns and rural parts of The Philippines. You can try those only in the Philippines.


  • A Filipino invented the ‘karaoke’, and they are genetically programmed to be amazing at it.


  • The Philippines is the world’s largest exporter of coconuts and tropical fruits such as papaya and mangosteen.


  • There are 52 million people in the Philippines who speak English, making it the 5th largest English-speaking nation behind USA, India, Pakistan and the UK.


  • There is an islet inside the Crater Lake (Vulcan point) in the Philippines within a lake ( the in main crater of Taal Volcano – is the smallest active volcano in the world) on an island (Volcano Island) within a lake (Taal Lake) on an island (Luzon).


  • The three largest known pearls in the world were found in The Philippines. The Pearl of Lao Tzu (also known as Pearl of Allah) is the largest at 9.45 inches in diameter, weighing 6.4 kilograms (14lbs); The Palawan Princess is the world’s 2nd largest pearl that weighs 2.27 kilograms (5lbs); The Pearl of the King is the biggest of them all measuring 18 inches in diameter weighing 9 kilograms

The Philippines may have experienced a lot of political unrest, poverty, calamities and natural disasters, but still, the country remains to be resilient. Because of the nature of Filipinos being warm, hospitable and innately friendly, it is never too hard for them to pick themselves up and be able to rebuild what was damaged. With all these, comes a great leader who believes in the Filipino people and investors who believe that the next tiger in Asia is The Philippines.

The country boasts of great opportunities for investment. It will be easy for any Foreigner to be in love with this island archipelago. Expats in the country can live comfortably because of the low cost of living. And this attracts those who visit and decides to stay in The Philippines (can be done thru SRRV). The country is home to communities of expats from different parts of the world.

Produce and products from different countries can now be enjoyed in The Philippines. Make sure not to overspend when you are in The Philippines and rather find out where the locals are. Find out where they shop for food and clothes, where their nightlife is, where they go for entertainment and where the attractions are. By doing this, you will get the best value for your money and you get to promote local goods and get to know the people in this magnificent country.

There is a lot to see and do in this superb island. You can snorkel in the pristine waters of Palawan. Food trekking in Cebu and Pampanga is a must to satisfy your taste buds. Hike up chocolate hills of Bohol or trek up Mt. Pinatubo. Relax on the beaches of Palawan and Boracay or explore the hidden beaches around the country. Shop and spend hours in the luxurious malls in the Metro. Dine in the first class hotels in Makati and play to your heart’s content in the casinos in Pasay.

Plan your travels and enjoy the relatively cheap way to get the best of everything The Philippines offer. If you are on a budget, there are hole-in-the-wall’s you can enjoy and fast food chains to fill you up. World-class healthcare can be availed in big hospitals in the city and you will surely be treated by the best doctors and nurses in the country.

There are affordable delicious foods to enjoy, fresh seafood is everywhere, a pleasant weather to enjoy the sun and occasional rains, a beautiful landscape to adore, abundant coastlines, lagoons and mountain trails to explore, and not to mention the world-class beaches and destinations to discover. Befriending a friendly local won’t be hard because you will surely be treated with a smile by anyone you meet. Better start exploring The Philippines today. And tomorrow, we will surely see you enjoying a new home in one of its cities.

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