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Holiday Party Hosting: Condo Style

September 11, 2017

Holiday Party Hosting

Christmas Holiday in the Philippines starts once the “BER” months are in. That means from October to December, everyone is in the Christmas mood. Shopping, Eating, Partying is all up in the air. Living in a condo does not mean partying is not allowed. Let us help you plan your next get together with a few friends to invite the whole clan.

Let us start off with Planning. What type of party are we having – is it an intimate dinner party, is it a Christmas get together for your family, close friends, or bosses? What time are we starting—is it lunch, breakfast, dinner, or an all-nighter? How many guests are invited—is it for 4, 6,8,10, and 15? Start to list down answers to all these so we would know where to start. Also, work with a budget. Overspending on one event is a no-no during this season. Remember, there will be more party’s to come.

Next step is removing clutter. You need to remove anything and everything that will break such as vases and important items in your home. Also, keep your valuables and personal items to avoid misplacing them or losing them. If you can also confine the party in one area such as the living room, clean-up will be easier before and after the party. If you can rearrange the furniture in a way everyone will fit, that will be better. You can try pushing chairs against the wall to create more space or if the living room is more spacious, why not move the dining table in the living room so you can have more space. Also, don’t forget to have enough light and ventilation for all the guest. Candles are a no-no during this time as it may cause a fire.

For the Food, make sure you have enough for everyone and a backup just in case. You may serve appetizers and snacks such as chips and dip, nuts, mixed pica-pica or veggies and dip. You also ought to decide if it will be a sit-down dinner or you can decide on buffet style where all the utensils and food are in one long table. If it will be a potluck, buffet style will be better enjoyed by everyone. Make sure you also don’t cook right before guests arrive as it will create more heat in the condo. Prepare food ahead of time or buy ready to eat food.

Another tip, booze is ok. But make sure you will be able to handle it once the crowd gets rowdy. Remember, you live in a condo and you are just a wall away from your neighbors. Be mindful of the noise you will create. You wouldn’t want the party to end too soon.

Another great tip is to be ready for games, music, and movies to entertain your guests. Bingo, board games, and Xbox games and the likes will surely make everyone occupied while waiting or the other guests. Good music is definitely essential to bring everyone in the mood make sure to download and play them. A selection of great movies will surely entertain waiting guests.

Maybe now that everything is in place, you are all ready to celebrate and have a party. Enjoy the holiday season and stay safe.