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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


A Wise Investment Option for Millennials

March 15, 2018

2017 is the year millennial are starting to dominate offices, businesses and starting to put their hard-earned money to something “worth it”. Millennial are more particular to details of what they want and where they want to put their money to.There are different types of investments millennial are doing and see the pros and cons of each. Let us remember that investing is not like putting your money in a pot of soil and covering it only to retrieve it during rainy days. Investing is a need we all have to learn to do at an early age. In reality, many are actually scared to invest their money. Let us also help you overcome these obstacles. The challenge for this generation is not an easy one. They need to make the right decision and make their choice to what they do with their convertible funds.


This is a good investment. It will help you go around and bring you to places near and far. BUT, one also needs to think about the expenses that come with it. Will you be able to pay for the monthly payment? Will you be able to sustain car maintenance as needed; if not, you will end up with a broken car every once in a while and it will cost you more in the long run. Also, remember that vehicle registration is done yearly and there are fees to pay as well as the hassle of renewing your driver’s license. One should also be careful as accidents happen. You need to be protected with an insurance to be able to pay for any damages. Will you be up for the challenge a car brings?


Ooooo!! The latest gadgets are out on the market!! All kinds of commercials are showing all these gadgets—tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android, camera … all these are enticing everyone to buy the newest gadgets with better features than the last one released. Will it have the same value after 6 months? Will it still be up-to-date a year after you bought it? Is it really a wise investment?


We can’t get away with these — Sweets, Steaks, Pastries, Coffee Shops, Pasta, Restaurants, and Hole-In-The-Walls that we MUST TRY. These will fill us up and will surely make us happy. BUT it will come with a price… some are pricey and some are so-so … remember, we are not getting young, you need to eat healthy to get away with sickness and eating too much or bingeing is not good for our body in the long run. It is good to set aside money during rainy days and definitely maintain good health.


This is a very good way to see other places, meet new people, taste new cuisines and experience life in a different country. This will surely open our eyes to the wonders this world is waiting for us to discover. This may be a wise investment but the returns are not in cash. You may have good memories, experiences to take home and pictures and selfies to save and share. Again, this will not triple your money’s worth and not even give you a good amount in return.


These are a good investment if you will not use them often. This is a good investment if you will be able to preserve it in its mint condition. If you will use it on a daily basis and let daily use take its toll, not wise. This will just make its value drop. Maybe if you have excess cash and you don’t have other things to think about, maybe it’s ok. But still, Think about it.


It may be food, tea, small restaurant, food cart a variety store or other business such as RTW, hardware, water station, laundry, online business or other business ventures; it all comes with a price tag and a risk. There may be very good returns but you still need to think of overhead charges on a daily business, taxes, and fees to register your business. Profit will depend on the location, the community you will stay in and the products you will carry.


On the other hand, if you decide to keep your money in the bank. It may earn a small amount of interest if you will put in thousands but if you want it to earn more, you need to put in millions to earn bigger.


This may be good but you need to pay close attention to it. You may earn if the company does good in the stock market, but you may lose when the shares are on its bad days. You may get dividends and capital growth when you decide to sell your share. Bonds and gilt, on the other hand, may give you interest on money you allow to be loaned. But the question is, how much are you willing to give? If it is not much, then this is not for you.


Now that the Philippine economy is doing well, Investors are coming in to fund infrastructure and rehabilitation of old and unused lands, this is actually the right time to own one.
As a young professional of this generation or an oldie with all the money in the bank, owning a property is a very good investment you can make. It increases its value on a yearly basis and increases in value every time you do renovations and repairs.

There is actually limited land to buy and lots to own and that comes at a very high price. What you can do as an investor is to purchase condominium units. It may not be easy cash for you to liquidate it but the value and the return on investment for you are very good. If you opt to buy a ready-for-occupancy unit, you can pay for the down payment and move in fee and have it rented out. Money, you get as rent can be paid for the monthly amortization and while it is being rented out, it is still under your name. After paying for the full amount, and all the repairs and upgrades you make, you can definitely sell it in a few years with a higher value.

If you opt to buy a pre-selling condominium unit, you are still a winner. Just make sure you buy from a trusted BIG developer like Megaworld. The value of your property will surely be bigger once the project is completed. Being able to live where you live-work-play-learn-shop is already a feature no other developer can offer.

If you have the money and you have all the resources, make a wise decision and put your trust in purchasing your own condominium unit. Visit Megaworld Manila’s showroom and see how we can help you grow your money and how we can help you live in a lifestyle of convenience.

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