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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


8 Factors Why You Should Consider Manila as Your Retirement Destination

February 26, 2018

7107 Philippine Islands … That is so obsolete! There are now more reasons to live in the Philippines now that we have 7,641 Islands to explore! Well, that number refers to any landform above water during high tide.

get to know Manila

Manila is the Capital of the Philippines it is the focal position as the seat of the Philippine National Government. The people in this country are welcoming and friendly and you will get a smile with every Filipino (Pinoy) you come across. The Philippines is an English speaking nation and 90% of the people who live here are dominantly Christians – Roman Catholic. The country is home to UNESCO world heritage sites such as churches and old houses. But, there are also other religions present in the country and there are Buddhist and Taoist Temples, Mosques, Hindu temples and Sikh temples that can be found all over the country. The Philippines truly has that rustic appeal with unspoiled sceneries one will surely enjoy.

transportationTransportation will not be a problem to those who decide to live in this vibrant city. There are Jeepneys all around the Metro which you can take and can bring you to your destination for a fraction of a cost (minimum fare of Php 8.00). Taxi cabs are also easily available as well as Uber and Grab which can be downloaded on your android or apple devices. For short trips in a local community, a trike or tricycle and pedicab are accessible. For a commute to Business Districts and the malls, one can choose from UV Express vans, MRT (Metro Rail Transit), LRT (Light Rail Transit) Line1 or 2 or if you are adventurous you may try to take the PNR (Philippine National Railway) or Manila’s horse-drawn carriage called ‘kalesa’. Rental cars and rental vans are also definitely obtainable in the city.

WeatherThe Philippines is considered a tropical country. That means, we have the wet and the dry season. On average, the warmest month is May and the coolest months are December, January, and February. The country gets a lot of rain during the months of June, to November. On an average, the climate is almost always good with a good amount of sunshine and a little rain here and there makes it ideal climate especially for those who came from colder countries.

EducationThe Philippines is home to good quality schools and universities and the Literacy rate is around 90%.  There are 2100 private and government institutions offering an array of courses to choose from. Manila has 3 Top Universities that are internationally recognized – University of Sto. Tomas (UST), University of the Philippines, Manila (UP) and De La Salle University (DLSU). The Philippines is offering affordable schooling yet getting high quality education. Most of the schools in the country are also accredited abroad. The country’s education system is now shifting to the K to 12 standards of education. A lot of schools start in August but for those who are still transitioning, starts in June.

medicalHospitals in major cities in the country offer state of the art equipment and facilities and excellent healthcare doctors and medical staff.  All medical personnel is well trained to assist with your medical needs. You can definitely avail Low cost and high standard of services from our medical facilities. Quality Medicines and pharmacies are easily available in the country. Thus making it easy to be healthy and fit in this tropical country.

shoppingExpats and foreigners can enjoy the comforts and brands from their home in the Philippines. A lot of international brands from clothes, food, shoes, and more are also available here for them to avail anytime. One can definitely enjoy unlimited affordable shopping in the country. As an extra, you can even avail first class hotels, restaurants and resorts at an affordable price.

livingThere are unlimited affordable living choices for you to choose from. To make it sound better, one can also avail of house help services such as a driver, a housekeeper, a gardener and even a cook. You will definitely get a high quality of living at an affordable cost.

Real estate is indeed booming in the country. Choosing a condo in the city or living in Megaworld townships is really a practical choice to be close to everything. Investing with Megaworld projects makes you live in the center of it all. Our townships are built to sustain living to its highest standards. You can definitely live, work, play, learn and shop within minutes from where you live.

growth and developmentThere is current sustainable growth and development in the country. That means there are more opportunities opening up for the Filipino people because of the investors and ongoing infrastructure projects.  However, there are still some parts that are underdeveloped but The Philippines definitely offer the best people, the best amenities and the best of living. There are still lots of room for growth and progress but now is really the time to invest in the Philippines. You will get to enjoy growing with us and see how life offers you a different perspective.

There is indeed a distinctive advantage of having the best of both worlds when living in The Philippines. You get to have convenient access to modern living and its amenities and affordable goods are accessible 24/7. The Philippines offer a variety of activities and living choices for retirees and foreigners. Enjoy the fruits of your labor on the island called The Philippines. Come and live in The Philippines and experience how the ambiance is so much like PARADISE!

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