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Get a view of Premiere Real Estate Properties! Download our free catalogue now!


2018 A Bright Future for Philippine Real Estate

February 23, 2018

2018 is a year to look forward to—better economy, better government, better business and stronger partnership building with neighboring countries, and the best part is for the real estate industry is better rental and sales for properties and high rise living. Indeed, The Philippines is on its way to becoming the next tiger in Asia.

Foreigners are now looking overseas to own properties and The Philippines is a very good destination they are looking into investing. The growing demand for real estate is now climbing to its peak. More millennials are also looking into investing their hard-earned money into owning a new home.

If you have noticed the trend, real estate developers are not only creating a parallel living, they are bringing communities closer to where people live, work, play, learn and shop. Urban areas are no longer outdated, they are now the target for building communities.

With all these in the pipeline, more businesses will rise in different cities. More OFWs and graduates will opt to stay in the country and will soon be able to own their new homes in this thriving communities. This is a very good formula for success in the real estate business: more business opportunities equals more jobs for Filipinos equals more money to own properties. Another formula applicable to this development is: more business means more investors equals more foreign visitors and for homeowners that means more rental opportunities either for short-term, partial rental or vacation home rentals. With this formula, we see that vacation home rental will start to flourish.

For Filipinos with extra money, this is the time they are also thinking of investing. That means putting their money where they see fit, which is real estate. Unlike other investments, real estate is now booming and is showing positive money back to them.

There may also be hesitations for 2018. The new Tax Bill might affect the buying and selling of properties. But, it is uncertain that this will be a big impact on the real estate industry. This will not stop investors from putting their money into this thriving and growing economy. Everyone would want to be a part of the rise of Asia’s New Tiger.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 will be the year of the Brown Earth Dog.  This only means positive feedback for businesses rising from land which are agriculture, environment and real estate. Look forward to our Chinese New Year Predictions for the upcoming year of the dog starting February 16, 2017.

Let us all welcome the coming year with positive thoughts and healthy living. We may be able to encounter obstacles on the way but it is indeed a bright future for the real estate industry starting 2018.

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