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Manila, Binondo: A Town Reinvented

September 11, 2017

Now that the Philippine economy is starting to blossom after so many years, we are on the right track towards change and growth. We now have the resources. We now have the leaders. We now have the investors who trust us and is willing to redevelop our country.

The Philippines increasing population only means more educational facilities are needed and more work should be provided. The real estate industry found the solution. TOWNSHIP. The answer to the growing need of the Filipino people. It is a structural facelift that yields a greater market appeal and economic growth.

Township is a city within a city. A master planned community wherein both the developer and the buyer benefits from its accessibility. It is a self-contained, self-sufficient community wherein everything is within reach. There is easy access to shopping, education, healthcare, employment, leisure, and entertainment as well as retail and greenery in the city. Living in a township gives you a better quality of life. You get to enjoy more time with your family. There is less stress. Less travel time to and from work and everything is in your vicinage.

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We need not look further as Manila’s Binondo area can be considered as the oldest Chinatown in the world and we can also say the oldest township ever built. Binondo has everything—from specialty shops, food establishments, residential buildings, offices, entertainment, shopping, schools, churches and the best part is…. You get a piece of history in your own neighborhood.

Reinventing this part of Manila has been long overdue. Megaworld started to build a mall back in 2012 It is part of “Chinatown Heritage Project” wherein a live-work-play-shop lifestyle is being developed. A two-tower condominium was also built within the vicinity called City Place Square. To complete the project, a hotel is also being constructed and the new 47-story all glass tower is being built within the area. To date, it is the largest real estate development in Manila over the past 25 years.

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According to Megaworld Chairman and President, Andrew Tan – “Our plans for this themed development include creating new green parks for the benefit of people living and working in Binondo, constructing a public car parking facility and building new by-pass roads and pedestrian overpasses to make the project environment and pedestrian friendly.” He also added, “We intend to put our expertise to energize Binondo Chinatown and take it to the next level as Manila’s premier growth center to help move the country forward.”

Does a township have to be owned by one real estate developer? The answer….. NO. History has built Binondo. Megaworld has the vision to develop this piece of history and make it a part of our future. The upswing in our economy serves to fuel investor’s interest in this piece of land. The outlook for the property market remains bright on this side of the country. Making this as one of Megaworld project is a big part of the economic trend which reinvents our future.

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