What are the best dining destinations in Downtown Manila?

  1. King Chef
  2. Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant
  3. Ying Ying Tea House
  4. Eng Bee Tin
  5. Lan Zhou La Mien


There’s no doubt that the best dining destinations in Downtown Manila can be found in Binondo. This is why the top condos in the Philippines such as Kingsquare Residential Suites and Noble Place are strategically located in this area as well. Here, food lovers and those who seek satisfying meals after a long day at work can delve into a gastronomic experience that is centered on authentic Chinese food. Whether you’re craving dumplings, noodles, fried rice, or traditional Chinese baked goods — you’re bound to find it in Downtown Manila. We have rounded a guide on the top dining destinations surrounding the area that are waiting to satisfy your taste buds!


King Chef

Lucky Chinatown Mall is among the newest malls in Downtown Manila. If you want to eat at the best dining destinations without walking under the heat of the sun, then this place is your go-to.

There is a wide array of restaurants in the mall. Among them, King Chef Seafood Restaurant is a popular foodie destination as well. This dining spot specializes in fresh seafood dishes such as rich crab roe soup, seafood with spinach soup, deep-fried seafood roll, crispy noodles with seafood. Rest assured that each dish is fit for a king! King Chef is located on the second floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall.


Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant

top view of portion of Fried Rice with chopsticks

The list for the best dining destinations in Downtown Manila will never be complete without Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant.

Since 1956, this quintessential Chinese restaurant has been serving customers a wide array of delicious food items like Duck Misua with Chinese Herbs Soup, Fried Kikiam, Fresh Lumpia, and 8 Treasure Machang. Among all the food they offer, however, the Sincerity Fried Chicken has always been their consistent best-seller. Perfectly crispy and juicy, their Fried Chicken is coated in a peppery and flavorful batter. It’s the one dish you shouldn’t miss out on!

Before you head to Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant, make sure to reserve a table or arrive early to avoid waiting too long. This famous restaurant often has a line of customers outside eager to try their food. The Sincerity Cafe & Restaurant is located on the ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall.


Ying Ying Tea House

Eating in Downtown Manila wouldn’t be complete without visiting the popular tea house at the corner of Yuchengco Street known as Ying Ying Tea House. It is one of the best dining destinations where you can try authentic Cantonese-style Chinese food without needing to fly to Hong Kong.

This restaurant menu is extensive with food choices from dimsum like asado pao, steam cua pao, pork shrimp siomai, shaolong bao, spring roll, taro puff, and buchi, to chicken dishes, congee, hotpot, noodles, and everything in between. Ying Ying Tea House’s Hakao is said to be the best in Binondo with the dimsum being filled with flavorful shrimps that melt into your mouth. The best part about this restaurant? Their dishes are affordable with most coming in at under P200.

Despite having three floors, Ying Ying Tea House can be easily packed with customers as well. Don’t worry, their food is well worth the wait. It is located at 233-235 Yuchengco St, Binondo, Manila.


Eng Bee Tin

moon cake

Eng Bee Tin is a pioneer dining destination in Downtown Manila for a good reason. Back in 1912, Mr. Chua Chiu Hong opened the doors of Eng Bee Tin to serve traditional Chinese delicacies. And just recently, the famous Chinese deli opened its biggest branch with a restaurant in the Binondo area as well.

From hopias, tikoy variants, mochi, to mooncakes — you can take delights in the food variants Eng Bee Tin offers.


Lan Zhou La Mien

There’s probably no comfort food better than a piping bowl of noodles. While Lan Zhou La Mien is definitely not a secret among Downtown Manila residents, the restaurant’s signage can seem to scream exclusivity. However, you don’t need to have second thoughts when entering.

Lan Zhou La Mien is well-known for its mouth-watering hand-pulled noodles. “Lamien” translates to pulled noodles, hence the restaurant’s name. That being said, indulge in the different varieties of Lamien noodles from Lan Zhou La Mien like Beef, Spareribs, Fish, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, Wanton, Spicy Beef, and many more! Do we also need to mention that their dishes are affordable for their big servings? Their broth is refillable as well. Lan Zhou La Mien is located on the ground floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall.


Key Takeaway

These are just some of the best dining destinations in Downtown Manila. Satisfy your cravings with authentic Chinese dishes! All of these and more will be within your arm’s reach if you move to Downtown Manila.

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