What are the best cities to visit in the Philippines?

  1. Bohol
  2. Cebu City
  3. Manila
  4. Paranaque
  5. Boracay

The Philippines is a famous destination in Southeast Asia that keeps millions of tourists visiting every year due to its more than 7,000 islands waiting to be explored. Residents are just as mesmerized with the natural sceneries of the “Pearl of the Orient”. The Philippines is separated into 17 regions. Each region will offer different adventures. Achieve your travel goals with this list of the best cities to visit in the Philippines.



The island of Bohol in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines is a must-visit for its well-preserved natural destinations. Here, you will find the iconic Chocolate Hills. As truly unique geological formations, there are over 1,200 hills that are covered with green grass. During the dry season, the hills turn brown and resemble a landscape filled with giant chocolate kisses.

Bohol is also popularly known for being the home of Tarsiers, which are small leaping primates with large eyes found only in various parts of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. Tarsiers are only 3.5 to 6 inches long. The majority of Tarsier species are now classified as endangered or threatened, which is why they are kept in sanctuaries where guests can take a peek at them several inches away.




Dubbed as the Queen City of The South, Cebu is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the best cities to visit in the Philippines. It is considered as the “Jack of all trades” among tourist spots in the country.

Cebu is located in the Central Visayas region and is considered the home of some of the best beach resorts, waterfalls, diving spots, mountain views, underwater caves in the Philippines. If you traveled to the Philippines for exciting excursions, then you’ll love Cebu. Go island-hopping in Mactan, Bantayan Island, and Moalboal. Try swimming with whale sharks at Oslob. At Malapascua Island, you can dive with thresher sharks. Go on a canyoneering tour and jump down the 40-meter waterfalls of Kawasan. Challenge yourself and climb Osmeña Peak.

While Cebu has plenty of nature adventures to offer, its metropolitan area also has numerous places to visit such as the Magellan’s Cross, the Temple of Leah, and the Taoist Temple.



If you’re traveling on a flight to the Philippines, you will likely come across the capital city, Manila. Located in Luzon, Manila is a bustling city filled with modern skyscrapers and ancient cultural sceneries alike.

Hop on board in one of the colorful jeepneys, which is one of the main forms of public transportation in Manila. Visit the National Museums. Try riding a kalesa (a horse-drawn carriage) to explore the historic ruined walls of Intramuros. Intramuros is a 64-hectare Spanish fortress that was destroyed during World War II. Stop by Rizal Park, the execution site of the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. It is nearby Roxas Boulevard, which is a popular promenade that runs along the shores of Manila Bay. Watch the sunset and enjoy the coconut tree-lined streets.

Manila is known for its strategic location. It connects to the major cities in the Metro including Quezon City, Ortigas, Makati CBD, Taguig, Pasay, and Paranaque. If you’re looking for a property for sale in Manila, check out the Kingsquare Residential Suites.




Another gem city to visit in the Philippines is Paranaque. Known for offering the perfect balance of a relaxed South ambiance and a leisurely Broadway-like environment, Paranaque is filled with hole-in-the-wall dining spots, quirky cafes, and tall skyscrapers. On the other hand, the city is also where Entertainment City is located.

Those who love the nightlife will fall in love with Paranaque because of the presence of the biggest malls in the Philippines, five-star hotels and casinos, and theaters. Visit the Marriot Hotel, Kingsford Hotel, and Resort World Manila! If you’re looking for a property for sale in Paranaque, check out the luxurious Gentry Manor. Located in the heart of the Entertainment City, it offers endless leisure possibilities.



Boracay is every vacationer’s tropical paradise and one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. This tiny island in the west Visayas region is truly postcard-perfect with crystal-clear blue waters, tall coconut trees, and fine white sand. It is considered the beach capital of the Philippines. There is no shortage of five-star hotels, restaurants, honeymoon resorts, souvenir shops, pubs, and bars on Boracay island.

White Beach is one of the finest beaches on the island. However, you can add Cagban Beach, Puka Shell Beach, and Diniwid Beach to your itinerary when visiting Boracay. After a long day of water activities and as the gorgeous sunset comes to end, prepare as the island comes alive with its bustling nightlife. Boracay is also a well-known party destination in the Philippines, drawing in hundreds of thousands of tourists over the years.


Key Takeaway

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best cities to visit in the Philippines. Take a trip to this stunning tropical country and discover some of the best places in the world. Whether you want to dip your toes in the white-sand beaches of Cebu, catch a glimpse of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, or walk through the historical streets of the capital city Manila — you will never run out of things to do in the Philippines.