What are the excellent advantages of pre-selling units by Megaworld Manila?


  1. The Most Flexible Payment Plans
  2. High Returns
  3. Great Portfolio, Track Record, and Corporate Profile
  4. Amenities Like No Other
  5. PRA Accredited
  6. Wide Array of Versatile Projects


Whether you’re on the lookout for a new home or a great asset to invest in, you’ve probably come across the term “pre-selling” before. To give you a quick definition of what it is, pre-selling is basically a unit that is being sold to you before it is completed. Some are still contemplating this concept, however, pre-selling is one of the smartest investments you can make, just as long as you are partnered with a reliable real-estate developer. Look no further, with Megaworld pre-selling units, your future home, and hard-earned money, is guaranteed to be placed in good hands. We’re here to tackle the best advantages of pre-selling units by Megaworld Manila to ease your worries.


The Most Flexible Payment Plans

Owning your future home should be hassle-free in all methods, especially during these uncertain times. You can score better deals with Megaworld’s pre-selling units post-pandemic. Megaworld offers freebies and attractive monthly amortization, with zero to low-interest rates for its world-class and residential condominiums. For instance, the 18-story upscale condominium development, Gentry Manor, can be yours even without cash in your hands. And when it comes to terms of payment, there is a wide array of options to choose from. Imagine how much of a high-value asset you are securing for a low initial capital outlay.


High Returns

High Returns

Looking at the current situation of the world right now, despite the several sectors that took a massive hit with the health crisis, real estate remains resilient. It has definitely shone a light on condominiums being a valuable asset that never depreciates in value. Megaworld’s pre-selling units offer eternal financial sustainability, passive earnings, diversification, and leverage that you can enjoy and reap again and again.


Great Portfolio, Track Record, and Corporate Profile

As mentioned above, working with a reliable and reputable real-estate developer is the key to a successful pre-selling condominium purchase. Megaworld is the country’s leading real estate developer. They have been providing the country with high-end condominiums beyond comparison since 1989. To add to that, Megaworld pioneered live-work-play-learn integrated condominiums in the Philippines. Lastly, they value quality over anything else and guarantee to meet the requirements of all investors and homeowners through their broad, innovative, and extensive projects.


Amenities Like No Other

Amenities Like No Other

The amenities equipped in the projects of Megaworld are definitely what sets them apart. You are assured that you are offered a top-notch lifestyle. All condominiums are strategically located for convenience all around. From schools, business hubs, convenience stores, commercial establishments, entertainment centers, casinos, and most importantly, high-quality healthcare systems. It is definitely ready for the new normal and will surely be resilient in times of tragedy and natural disasters. Gentry Manor boasts a SMART home system where you can plug in and out of any appliance or device that you want using your own mobile phone. 


PRA Accredited

Looking for a place to retire in the Philippines? An SRRV or a Special Resident Retirement Visa gives you the privilege to have permanent resident status in the Philippines. This means you get to live, do business, and study in the Philippines without a fixed limit of time. Megaworld makes it so much easier for retirees to settle down because they will help you every step of the way in getting an SRRV. Additionally, many of Megaworld’s projects are also SRV-accredited!


Wide Array of Versatile Projects

Wide Array and Versatile Projects

Looking for all-around convenience? The Kingsquare Residence in San Lazaro Tourism and Business Park is in the heart of Manila. It offers an excellent living experience for anyone since everything is within reach. Looking for a place to match cosmopolitan living? Gentry Manor in the Bay Area is near the well-known Megaworld hotels and high-end commercial establishments. With all the many projects that pre-selling projects that Megaworld has in store, you’ll surely find a place that fits your lifestyle!

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for an investment and don’t know where to start, Megaworld pre-selling units will be your best bet, now is the best time to put your hard-earned money in a stable and resilient investment.