What are the advantages of buying a condo in Paranaque?

  1. Paranaque Is A City Of Opportunities
  2. It Is Accessible
  3. Healthcare and Wellness Facilities Are Everywhere
  4. Receive Quality Education In Prestigious Schools
  5. Essential Establishments Are Nearby
  6. There Are Plenty Of Green Spaces
  7. Paranaque Is A Leisure Seeker’s Paradise

When it comes to choosing a home, location is one of the top factors that homebuyers should consider. The location will impact one’s everyday lifestyle. Paranaque might not be the first location that comes into your mind when it comes to thinking of a place to call home. But keep in mind that the city of Paranaque is widely known for offering the best of both worlds for residents. Owning a condo in Paranaque means enjoying the dynamic, urban lifestyle and a serene, relaxing South ambiance.

Paranaque is one of the many cities that make up Metro Manila. This municipality is known for its massive business districts, bustling commercial establishments, open parks, and pedestrian-friendly roads. Why should you consider buying a condo in Paranaque? Here are seven reasons.

Paranaque Is A City Of Opportunities

The city of Paranaque is located in the South portion of Metro Manila. Hence, it is regarded as a highly competitive urban city. Many well-known local and multinational companies are headquartered in the city.

If you are a career-driven individual, buying a condo in Paranaque can do wonders for your success. Drop your resumes in nearby companies or set up your own business. As a premier business district, the city is yours for the taking. Join an accounting, IT, BPO firm, or become the founder of a Fortune 500 startup.

It Is Accessible

The country’s notorious traffic congestion is a major source of stress. That’s why if you want to reach your destinations without any hitches, then living in a well-connected city like Paranaque is one of your best options.

If you choose to move to a condo for sale in Paranaque, you will have easy access to a myriad of public transportation systems. Jeepneys, tricycles, UV expresses, buses, and ride-hailing services such as Grab and Angkas, ply the city thoroughfares. You won’t have trouble getting to and from other parts of Metro Manila.

If you are driving, Paranaque also has well-connected highways and arterial roads. You can easily head to neighboring central cities like Makati, Las Pinas, Cavite, Muntinlupa, and Taguig.

A top advantage of owning a condo in Paranaque is its proximity to airports like Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the main gateway for travelers in the Philippines. You will never be late for your flights, whether international or domestic, as you can head to the airport via the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Expressway (NAIAX).

Healthcare And Wellness Facilities Are Everywhere

Healthcare And Wellness Facilities Are Everywhere

When it comes to choosing a place to live, one of the major considerations is the availability of healthcare and wellness facilities. If you buy a condo for sale in Paranaque, you can expect easy access to top-notch hospitals with highly-trained medical teams and state-of-the-art equipment.

As Paranaque is a well-connected city, you can easily head to Paranaque Doctors Hospital, Perpetual Help Medical Center in Las Piñas, Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Muntinlupa, St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig, and Makati Medical Center in Makati.

Want only the best for your wellness? There are many places to relax and unwind in the city. Discover them and rejuvenate with friends and families.

Receive Quality Education In The Prestigious Schools

Buying a condo in Paranaque is beneficial if there is a student in the family. Whether you need to send a child to pre-school or college, Paranaque is home to some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Essential Establishments Are Nearby

Essential Establishments Are Nearby

From groceries, local markets, banks, gyms, and drug stores, to government facilities — everything is close by in the city. You can expect to lead a convenient lifestyle when residing in a condominium in Paranaque.

There Are Plenty Of Green Spaces

The fast-paced, urban lifestyle can be overwhelming. This is why many homebuyers seek to live near green spaces. Fortunately, condos in Paranaque City are commonly surrounded by packets of nature. After a long day at work, simply have a relaxing stroll with your loved ones or pets in the nearby parks.

Taking architectural inspiration from nature, condos in Paranaque are designed to be more relaxing for residents. Take the Gentry Manor as an example. This condo in Paranaque has lush, landscaped gardens, water features, and other amenities that provide stress relief and relaxation.

Paranaque Is A Leisure Seeker’s Paradise

Gentry Manor


If you want to have the best leisure experiences, then consider buying a condo in Paranaque. Paranaque is filled with shopping centers, commercial hubs, and vibrant dining scenes. You can shop until you drop, go on a gastronomic adventure, and so much more.

The Gentry Manor is a four-clustered luxury condo in Paranaque that is set to offer a Broadway lifestyle. It takes leisure to new heights with an impressive range of amenities such as:

What’s more, Gentry Manor is located in the Entertainment City of Paranaque. With convenient access to a world-class leisure district, an enviable lifestyle awaits residents. Gentry Manor is just a few walks away from five-star hotels and casinos, the biggest shopping malls in the Philippines, nightclubs, amusement parks, the Manila Baywalk, and even a 1,740-seated theater.

Some of the other high-end, low-density residential condominiums in Paranaque include Bayshore Residential Resort Phase 2 and Sunny Coast Residential Resort.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know the advantages of buying a condo in Paranaque, you can start your moving plans. Get in touch with Megaworld Manila to learn about the best condos in Paranaque like the Gentry Manor, Bayshore Residential Resort Phase 2, and Sunny Coast Residential Resort. As one of the leading real developers in the Philippines, we make sure to find the condo unit that will meet your dream lifestyle.